Curious - what would you all think of these ?


Could make for interesting wars no?  Of course sorry - Flare would have to be less greedy during these seasons…

Agreed! Like to add ‘disabled loserbonus though’ :wink:

Omg… of course, disabled loser bonus for sure would be one they could add.   

Agree with everything that king said.  Though I must admit, I like the loser bonus concept.  I am in a alliance ranked around 120.   Lvl 99 king.

So reason I like it is when we have an war and there is one alliance that is stronger by 5k skulls assuming equal participation etc and both alliances don’t spend gems, money,. Then there is no way for us to beat that slightly better alliance.   But with the loser bonus, we have. Chance on the 3 Rd day to win.  This also motivates us to participate fully on 2 nd day as bonus depends on total skulls instead of just giving up.


Anyway I am sure top folks don’t like it, but maybe middle level folks like it?


Everything else I agree with King,. Crappy skull bonus etc

and by chance if we are the slightly stronger alliance,  then instead of bullying the weaker one  ( I am talking about close fights within 5k skulls),   we take care not to keep attacking the weaker one since they will bounce back with loser bonus and attack some one else. 

So in short, the dynamics are interesting in a way. 

Disclaimer:  we dont spend on scrolls/revives/COF gems etc.   Just a normal mid level alliance fighting the minumum 3 fights and trying our best  (maybe like G&M :slight_smile: based on what i have read on line)


Would like to understand a bit more on why the top folks dont like it.  


But i love what king said, because with the options disabled, the true strength of the alliance will come without without paying :slight_smile:   Will be fun one season.

These are pretty good ideas.

Love it :slight_smile:  

There are so many high ranked guys that completely sucks at raiding and have to scroll like maniacs lol . Would love to see how they would perform without scrolls 

@ macamus…oh no you r soooooo wrong…top players are really really good…they did not get yo the top by backstabbing other clans…they r just super skilled…deity is in their future…i bow befor them in awesome wonder

I dont agree on no revive no scrolls thing, I want my gem rain

There’s one difference though: People in G&M like the game very much and do 10/10, although it is not mandatory :grinning:
E.g. today there were two fights with 23 players on 10/10 in each, some 20/20. That secured 1st place :wink:

Good to know.   :slight_smile:

Anyway. I agree that skull perks are dumb.  But kinda like the loser bonus.   Just curious why top players maybe don’t like it.

Not understood that.

Wishful thinking guys.

Flares will never give up on those issues, cause they bring them cash.

Instead of “disabled” go with what they already do; costs 50% & costs 150%

Because on top you have “allies” you purposely swap tiles with. If you have a friend on your map, you can make tactics to maximise your loserbonus and play with it, making sure your opponent stands no chance to end up above you.

Wow.   So do u guys end up with friends because the same allies keep meeting up often .   At the 100 to 150 level,.  We usually end up with different allies fighting.    Anyway good to know.  Never been in a scenario where we swap tiles with a friend ally.  Yup we do make alliances on the fly via diplomacy to win some boosts.


Anyways. Thx.

And top players don’t like that? i thought top players like that because they can’t be attacked everyday by the opponents and their alli friends. And also that means you can ensure your winning using the tactics you’ve mentioned. Without loser bonus, it will be like old time where vanguard legion, north, and few alli friends are eaten by the old big 4 every season.

Without loserbonus, it’s just an every man for himself fight. Comparing it to the “old big 4” can not be done, since back then there was no raid cap, so you were screwed just because you had to spread your time into three or four fights, while all others concentrated on one or two.

I personally don’t like the loserbonus tactics, and hate it even if my alliance is in the “position of power”. If you aren’t strong enough to beat every alliance on your map head2head, you shouldn’t be first. As an addition, it should lock all teams up after the first day of war started though, just to ensure Apocalypse and Roaring Apo can’t swap players again big brother has an easy map (or any other alliance, but I’ve only seen it been done by RA over the past months).

sooo swapping tiles is good…swapping players is bad…hmmm…i guess opinion would change…depending on which one you were doing

Is this a reaction to my post? Please enlighten me on what ground you jump to this conclusion, since I think I stated I hate both.

well i guess i assumed you like swapping tiles,cuz your clan does it…stated above…i assume you hate swapping players cuz your clan does not do that …only your nemisis do that…stated above…