(Currency) Crown Jewel

This currency is obtained by scoring 3 Crowns on another player’s base, though it considers the difficulty of the base and your success rate of said base. If the base is easy to get through (for you anyways), then it won’t give you the Crown Jewel. If the base puts up a good fight, then it it will give 1 Crown Jewel. If you simply can’t brute force your way through (strategy required), than 2 Crown Jewels will be given. If strategy and extreme care is needed (it’s easy to die), then 3 Crown Jewels will be given. If strategy and extreme care is needed as well as gems for scrolls and revival potions, then 4 Crown Jewels will be given. If the game thinks that you can’t win even with gems, strategy, and extreme care, then 5 Crown Jewels will be offered (just in case). To prevent players from farming 1 person for Crown Jewels, the game subtracts 1 Crown Jewel from the reward for every 3 crown the player gets. It will refresh every 30 days with the exception of every player no longer offering Crown Jewels. In that case, it refreshes immediately. Crown Jewels are displayed on a player’s base to tell you what to expect from this base. It even shows up on your own base to show you what your average raider would see in terms of how many Crown Jewels it offers. This gives you an idea on how good your base is when faced against other raiders. You can even see it on your friend’s and clan member’s base. Crown Jewels can be spent on Gold, Gems, and even Vouchers. Assuming that you maxed out your Throne Room, you get 500,000 Gold for 25 Crown Jewels, 100 Gems 50 Crown Jewels, and 500 Vouchers for every 50 Crown Jewels.


Was that too much? That might have been too much, but you get the idea.

HA HA HA !!! u sure spent a lot of energy on this crown jewel idea …but I guarantee u that FG won’t do this EVEN in a million years!!!  … besides from what u describe the crown jewels don’t add any real value to the game other than to get the other existing currencies (gold, gems, vouchers…bla bla bla)

HOWEVER!!! …how about if u get 1000 crown jewels then FG would buy u …A CAR!!! …or a brand new MOBILE PHONE!!!

… that d be AWESOME!!!    

(I was planning to write the entire message in capital letters to get Madlen’s attention. She gets angry when she sees messages with capital letters, she thinks they r aggressive…hi hi hi !!! )

The whole point of this currency is to encourage players to keep playing while giving an idea on how difficult the base is (so that you don’t accidentally try to raid a base you can’t handle). By the time you get enough crown jewels to spend it on something, chances are that you already got the currency you wanted in the first place. Spending the crown jewels is just a nice bonus.

I can’t tell if your reply is meant to be informative of if there is something else going on. Regardless, making fun of an idea will never change my mind about anything. Period.

Where s your sense of humour??? …whats the point of chatting with others if u r not having FUN!!!

I like your idea but I think it should rather be implemented as daily quest. If there are some, in the future :slight_smile:

Actually there are too many different currencies, this one looks a bit like the festival event.

Really? It tends to show up as presents for me. ?

You did take it a little too far…

…well here is something to make u feel better


??Purple Rain?

Hi there, Thank you for the idea.

It is unlikely to be implemented though. Thank you!