Current Gen Uniques

Since this thread is probably going to be locked soon, here’s the numbers:



Those are just the uncontested numbers. It’s unconfirmed, but it’s my belief that the potency items received a smaller buff in between release and the 25% buff last month, maybe around 15%. If that’s true, the potency uniques would be 40% stronger now than they were at release. Aegean Thread is twice as strong  currently as it was at release (original Aegean Threads have perk values roughly in line with a current cursed item at 1* titan).

@dumpster Can you tell us since when the Current Gen Uniques were introduced?

The update last month which boosted potency and petrify. 11/15. (And I went back and looked, petrify only got a 20% boost, not 25%)

Aegean thread was improved in 2017. Your February 2018 is not a first gen unique. Those were released in the winter of 2016/2017 and ran until June 2017. 


Take a look at this thread for an example of a first gen Aegean Thread: