Current pro rewards 2

I am not sure if the previous post was deliberately closed but I did not see any abusive language or derogatory remarks so will open another one so we can carry on with the constructive criticism.


My guess is they are just not interested in what we have to say.
They do not care, and do not plan to do anything. I hope they ban me from the forum. The entire thing was a scam!


Well, previous discussion was closed because of a lot of criticism and RR2 team can/will do nothing about it, as was made clear by Madlen… Our criticisms have been heard and answered, that’s why the discussion thread was closed by admin to prevent further criticism…

This one will most probably be closed soon enough…

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Madlen said thanks for the discussion, I must have blinked and missed the part where they discussed anything with us. I just read it’s our game and we make the rules and I’m taking my ball home


I understand that but isn’t a game forum the place where you go to discuss problems and vent your criticisms.

I agree… This one was way too much, I guess… Even Donald Trump, from day 1, has not received as much criticism as FlareGames received within this 24 hours… It was indeed wrong of RR2 to trick us and decline their mistake… It’s a wrong act… Many people used real money… Plus, RR2 does not agree to provide any form of compensation…

But you heard the rejection reply: There’s nothing flategames will do… Will try to improve in the future (which i doubt a little… it’s an underrated game afterall, and is hard to put on a lot of investment in short time)…

I dont think anything will change by creating this thread and criticising more… But you guys carry on…

I was not even expecting that much of reward in the first place… I knew it was some sort of bug or editing mistake… I played my part and had no high hopes… It was alright for me either way- if i received more chests, it’s amazing… If i receive just the chests i deserve, as per previous leagues, it’s okay too…

Flare team , Send max reward to thousands of players is not fair but atleast tier should be adjusted in such a way that players get something good for high number of participation…we were expecting max reward till last day but in the end get very low reward. Still there are many cheaters in PL but you adjusted according to top scorer who use unfair means and honest players pay the price .

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This isn’t a public space. Kinda silly comparing it to politics.

This is a private website owned by flare. They can lock any thread they want. Freedom of speech only applies to public spaces.

They have answered already. No compensation. You have only two choices. Move on or quit. I doubt any of you who threatened to quit will quit. You know it I know it Flare knows it. So… See you guys back in the game.


Hopefully I don’t see you soon, you are to high for me :hugs:

However, the thing that’s bugging me is the fact that this thing, that everyone saw and confirmed, was marked as ‘no bug’…

Dont compensate if you like, but at least dont “no bug” things that is actually “critical bug and solved… Thank you very much RR2 Pro Players”…

here in the Deutschen Gilde1+2 we think about that we all boycott the next pro league.
… the frustration level is very high

what about the top alliances?
are there any such ideas?

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I do not see the point for top alliances to skip pro

Nothing new was happened:
Flare as always. Very bad in reactions and communications.
But the max prizes for 1500 points was mistake too

I as generals have to reassure everyone … thats not nice…
players we not want to lose … ATM its critical thats some will stop playing.

I’m also angry about this extra work …

Flare is in the wrong with this whole PL rewards drama…they have to own up to it.
No need for more bla bla bla from Madlen about her communication with the devs on this issue…just compensate!
Admit that you made a mistake…shit happens…but don’t make your mistake our misery.

Things will improve…nice to know…but you have to improve your act on this issue and make your players heard.


hey jesper,

we from the ally schwarzmagier find the idea of boycotting not to bad. If the big allys participate here, we would support a boycott.


Flare gives a boost their defense event not for nothing. Tons of angry, disappointed players are pointing their arrows at their castle right now.

So they really need stronger defenses now, to keep those crystals and chests safe. Well, they can keep them for a while, I will keep my tickets and others should do the same.

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which allys would support the pro boycott?

All the lowest level alliances only. Any decent mid alliance and all top alliances will still have max pro boost and the only way to do that is to participate in pro league.

Good luck to those small minority who wants to boycott pro league.

Of course you can also crawl and do nothing. many players pay money for the ticket and were brought by flare for the better pro bonus

just you as a top ally should support as a pioneer the weaker. These smaller allys did not receive much per bonus through the action of Flare.


This is horrible…the paid answer of Madlen for the problem and hopes they created and truly stole from all that entered the league only to get THESE rewards is truly HORRIBLE!!it makes us feel like we are prisoners or their slaves!how can they ignore us like that??its not a matter to leave,but to strike back the way it must! Rate 1star and complain-not for the rewards,but for the humiliation we are receiving from them- and dont buy anything until we have the RESPECT that all deserve