Current pro rewards 2

The possible score in each proleague should also be considered because that score is needed for the boost. So having a league where many players could not even get 1000 points directly impacted the boost tier :rage::rage: and since so many had wasted tickets on last weeks garbage. This week they were smacked with trash rewards. My 1 box had nothing but dog food. Gee that was worth the 500 gems. All proleagues possible scores should be set to allow allies to reach boost tiers with reasonable amount of people…I still want a refund of my ticket for the pro league before…


Funny how now that we see 1st place getting only 4k crystals and 4 pro chests, no readjustment is made

Where is the tier readjustment for this week???


Since now the highest scores are gonna define everyone’s rewards,
is there finally gonna be an effective way to catch cheaters?

Because everyone knows they are the ones reaching the highest positions almost all the time


they dont care. the only way is to boicot using real money. the last league was way worse than the previous

I never liked pro tiers. I prefer instead previous pro rewards system, where they were assigned according to the ranking. 10 players (or even more) with max pro rewards are too many (the winner is enough).

We all know the top10 is reserved for cheaters.
So if you define tiers based on the top10, you’re essentialy basing everyone’s rewards on cheater’s scores. I know this is not your intention, but this is what is going to happen.

I know it may not be easy, but Flare has got to do something about the rampant Pro League cheating.
Until you guys figure out a way to actively fix this, I would honestly prefer if everyone just got 1 pro chest every week. At least this way the cheaters won’t be getting a leg up on everybody else. God knows they’ve been taking full benefit for too long.

Sub lvl100 kings in the top 100 (let alone top10) ? That’s a dead giveaway.
The same guys getting top50 most weeks? Dead giveaway.
The same guys getting top10 multiple times a month? Dead giveaway.

Come on. Flare has to find a way to fix this before anything else regarding the Pro League.


Now pro league is dead too. [Kind of always was] but now certainly not worth your gems for a ticket. Rewards are Weak, and cheaters take the top positions. But the actions of flare over the last 3 weeks just nailed the coffin shut.


The only reason to play proleague is to get max Boostlevel in proboots for your alliance.

Proleague itself is for

  • talented players
  • low level players, which are used to play with underpowered spells and troops
  • maybe cheaters.

Flare failed with their concept. There is nothing for “experienced” players. Maybe it’s fun for some long term players to play with such underpowered spells and troops.

It’s not the only reason. There are 2 more reasons:

  • to get the individual rewards;
  • to compete against other players, under the same conditions.

We don’t have a level playing field right now, there are too much cheating going on, so the competition hasn’t been enjoyable.


Maybe there are a lot of cheaters. But it’s unfair to name players like immortal - one of the winners of monthly proleague - cheater. I saw some Videos of his gameplay. he is a really good player.
So there is a competition.
I can’t speak for everyone. I can speak for myself: I ever wondered about the weakness of the spells and troops in proleague. I am 4 or 5 years in this game. This level of spells and troops or king in proleague is the level of first year playing royal revolt 2.

Low level players who have underleveled spells cannot even get pass challenge 6 or 7… They do not have experience at all… They wont even know a proper way or strategy to play pro leagues… Pro League is for strongly experienced players, not low level players…


Pro tiers give you a chance to get rewards based only on your own score, that’s why it’s better. It doesn’t matter if some “pros” :eyes: are reaching a score way higher than the rest.
If you score high enough to reach max tier, you get max rewards.

With rewards defined by the score of other players that line changes to:
If you score as high as some cheaters do, you get max rewards.

That’s why the old system was so bad and this current change is a regress.

In others words, Flaregames will continue rewarding to the top cheaters with the most High prize, and the majority of players will get 1 chest, Max 2 likely (and recently modified for avoid players get several crystals inside) using 500 gems in Pro league. It is absolutely frustrating. I hope change the rewards soon, or maybe Flare prefer continue losing players.

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Hello guys,
Thanks for the feedback. We see those problems too and it is not perfect. We have a concept already for a more advanced functionality of how to adjust the tiers. We will share more details asap.


Looking forward to it.

Are the cut points that were used for this week’s pro league going to be the same for every pro now? Or will those cut points still fluctuate from week to week and only the top tier is set at 2190 every week?

I will reserve judgement until after the adjustment is made, but when I finish just shy of 1500 points and am still in the lowest 2 chest tier, it is discouraging. I will state that at least from my perspective, I prefer to see my progress as I score points and move from tier to tier rather than having to hope that some adjustment is made that moves me up. That uncertainty is now standard practice and I have to try and guess what my rewards might be. From someone who plays pro every week, it lessons the appeal of participating in pro. I hope that your new idea fixes this and that it comes sooner rather than later.

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This is the first time this new system is being implemented.
Here are the results:

So the worst case scenario is confirmed:

  1. the top10 is full of cheaters with absurd scores
  2. all tiers were adjusted according to those top10 cheating scores
  3. a rank85 score like mine (which is a very good score!) ends up with 2 chests and 1400 crystals.

Flare, this is messed up.
Stop this new system until you have cleaned the pro league. This is even worse than what we had before. At least before, less cheaters were getting top rewards and the gap between them and regular players was much narrower. Damn.

ps: for reference, Flothaboss’ score in this pro league back in the day was 1805. That was a fantastic score back then. 1805. Still a great score nowadays for anyone playing with only 1 account.
Thanks to the new system and the amount of cheating going on, that 1805 great score would be worth only 3 pro chests + 3000 crystals (8th tier)… even though he would rank 18th in the current ranking.
The 18th score (of one of the best players this game has ever seen and surely an even better pro league player) would be only worth the 8th tier of rewards.


Why not make a rule like everyone in top 100 gets a least 3 chests? Before even top 50 got a least 3chest if I remember correctly but now most of top 50 get also just 2 chests??
Why is there a huge gap in tiers ? Why does it go from 10 to 5 to 3 to 2 so quickly ??
Is this because nemesis is the new meta and stopping player to have an early acces ?

It doesn’t matter if you are 300 or 100 now you ‘ll still get the exact same number of chest while crystals change “a little bit”…
only benefit now is the boosts…

Hear my suggestion… Set a fix point and reward system beforehand and do not change it ever… Regardless of rank, everyone will get the exact fair awards according to their points… There will he no more hassle after this… Everyone will get what they deserve…

The real problem is not about only getting 2 chests instead of 3, at least that’s not my main complain.

My main focus is that I would like to see a narrower gap between cheaters’ scores and regular players.
In the old system, maybe 1-2-3 cheaters would get the max rewards and an handful of other cheaters got 5-7 chests, while regular players were getting 2-3 chests (ocasionaly 4-5 chests if you got very lucky).
In the current system though, ALL top10 cheaters will get 10 chests and regular players are stuck with 2-3 chests. The gap is wider now.

I would actually prefer if everybody gets only 1 chest until Flare fixes this. Everybody getting the same reward means that regular players won’t fall behind the cheaters.