Current Pro Rewards

Guys, this pro league - SNIPER CUP have awesome rewards. I want to know, is it a display bug or something else? Will the rewards decrease after the end of the league?

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I dont think so… I was shocked myself… I got to know of the rewards after I was out of time… If I knew of the rewards sooner, I would have played more seriously… I thought the awards were like everytime, but shockingly its not…

I dont think it’s a bug… Even if it is a bug, we will protest to get the mentioned rewards… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::hugs::hugs::hugs: I hope every time the pro rewards system is like this time… :rr2blacksmiththumbsup::rr2blacksmiththumbsup::rr2blacksmiththumbsup:


I will support your protest.

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I think it’s more likely a compensation for the very tough previous pro league where it was an art to score above 1000 (the one for pro archer).

Imagine what would happen when it’s just a display bug and those rewards would be adapted in a negative way.

I think that many amongst the 1500+ scorers will be very disappointed, not getting what initially was promised. That would lead to mass amount of players feeling tricked and amongst those many will quit.

Having said that, it’s not that easy to reach 1500, you need to win the first 9 levels and know what to do during level 10+ to score the remaining points. Enough players failed to reach 15k. Many ran out of time during level 9. I even had a freeze at level 5 when I was more than halfway and lost a lot of time, so I realized I could only make it by retrying level 5.


The easiest way to get 1500+ score is keep spawning Mortars and stay in between them to heal…
The last 3 levels have the same ranged mortars as yours, so Archers and Cannons are useless in front of them, so Mortars are the best… You can get 1600+ score if you play normally, not like a pro…

Did you score 1500+? If so, what was your final score? Mine was 1570

When you mainly spawn purtrid prawlers, you probably run out of time in level 9. Objective in those first 9 levels is not to lose a lot of time and prevent to get killed.

You are correct that final 3 levels really only prawlers need to be spawned at the start for a while. Survive the waves of defensive prawlers and then score.


I share the same opinion as Dena.

This comes after all those hell of Pro-Leagues and our feedback about them.

So I hope it’s a form of compensation from it :slightly_smiling_face:


After the last fast unfeasible league, it would be nice if we could get this as a better reward reward,
but I do not believe it yet … i think some1 forgot to switch :thinking:



This topic wouldn’t exist if there were still rewards according to the ranking.

All changed now…the rewards have been nerfed…
Lots of people not happy!!!

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Wow is flare for real? You can change and improve rewards but not the other way. You induce people into spending tickets which to some, may have been bought with real money, then change the reward a day before the league ends?


I think it’s not acceptable to first display a big fish (15k crystals plus 10 chests) plus seduce players to spend even cash/gems to buy a ticket and participate and then after players participated, to reduce prices drastically.

This will be another blow to the trustworthiness plus reputation I guess. Mistakes can be made, but this is just not done.

What to expect next? A huge topic with complaints, players will feel tricked and will definitely not be amused. At least double or even better, triple the reward of normal maybe still would be acceptable.

For example in my situation rewards are lowered from 15k crystals plus 10 chests downto 1300 crystals and 2 chests. I would not even have participated, when I knew that was a mistake. This even doesn’t feel like a handkerchief for the bleeding, after a very hard punch in our face. I don’t want to sound toxic/poisonous, but imagine how miserable/disappointed players feel after this.

Many including me were assuming it was compensation for the very hard pro leagues previous times. Maybe naive from some amongst us, including myself, but it’s also not acceptable to reduce those prices as much as this.

In my case I have a very bad taste/feeling from this. Mistakes can be made, but at least double/triple the rewards so that it doesn’t hurt like now.


it was not a beautiful act)Screenshot_20190603-133745


As usual only cheaters benefit from this f*ing pro st. Nobody should participate any longer.


They might as well close the game down for the negative effect this is going to have. It’s already hard to fill alliances with all the nerfs we have had after players have wasted gems and pearls getting to the highest levels only to see an item or pal downgraded. Finally we thought they were making a positive move to increase morale. This is a great game but it has been very poorly managed. What effect did they think it would have when they took 8 chests and 12k pro crystals away? Just a quick shrug of the shoulders and carry on or a mass exodus from RR2…:-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:



I know few players who bought tickets specially after Friday,when they concluded that these are tiers rewards for this week. Who play PL often knows that these are rewards from dream,but last week PL was nightmare,so people belived this is some kind redemption for it.
Saturday…Sunday passed…
Is this really good way to raise number of players to play PL?


This isn’t acceptable for any player. We spend flaregames is showing an possible top score to reach, we spend our tickets and specially our time and then flaregames is changing the rewards.
It let me think about leaving the game, enough is enough.
We’re just players, but we shouldn’t accept that. We’re strong together. Stronger as the publisher because the publisher needs us.
We generate advertising revenue and revenue with our purchases.

So flaregames I really would appreciate if you don’t trick us and give every player the good reward. Everything else would decrease the number of players. Enough is enough.


On the last day that you can start the pro league why did KingAdityaKumar start a post asking if the rewards are to good to be true. Thanks a lot for alerting flare to this and taking all the players chests. :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


they know this very well. it its always adjusted to player`s disadvantage