Current Pro Rewards

LOL. I always support FG changes even if it hurts. I try to understand DEV team. But this shows how many things is happening behind the scene even without server breake:/ I understand that someone made a mistake setting this prizes tiers like this. But sometimes you must take some responsibillity for this.

I hope we get some reasonable explanation about this (it was not a display bug).


Changing the rewards will make many people disappointed and leave the game , lets see it


I am extremely upset with this situation, it gets 3 days to show that the maximum rewards above 1500 points there a day before a flare changes everything and you go from 10 chests to 2 chests. annoyed with that! not counting members who spent gems to buy tickets, donated tickets to friends to help and so on …


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Thanks for your comments.

Just some explanation:
We adjust the Pro-League rewards every week, usually on the last day of the running Pro-League. Most of the times this happens to the favour of the players, so that some people are sorted into the top-tier.
This week, admittely the adjust happened to decrease the rewards some players will receive. I can understand your frustration about this and will pass the feedback onto the developers.

Thank you for sharing your viewpoints.

Flare should give the rewards, this is not done after leaving the game.

The problem is they are going for a reward but it will be rubbish, there will not be good items, they will fix a problem this way, you can be sure.

Except for “Anti-Magic Cup” pro league season.
I wish the abolition of pro tiers and the return of rewards according to the ranking.

This is dramatic, how dare you do that?! This is again trickery to use tickets… this and also display bug of the units(again ascension archer)… already the 2nd time.
I am not happy with this.

This can be called fraud … Misrepresentation by deception, in order to obtain benefits … I do not know for what reason the rewards were so high. But one thing I know for sure, Flare could make this gift for us, for them it costs nothing … P. S.I have never seen anything change in favor of the players …:roll_eyes:

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I agree Madlen that flare have adjusted before but it normally means I might increase from 1 to 2 chests. I have never made such a dramatic change as the downward plunge from 10 to 2 chest. I am sure that you can see that this is only going to have a negative effect on participation in the game and future pro leagues. If we look at the tiers and feel that we can reach a level and earn 10 chests for example. To then have it changed after we have participated (some paying cash for gems) is fraudulent misrepresentation on your behalf. The only way to resolve this is to honour the rewards that we played for and reached.


As an act of good will from your team’s part…

I suggest you guys revert this decision while the PL isn’t over yet.

It’s one of the easiest ways you have to reclaim the community’s trust.

If we can’t even trust the rewards which are shown to us on an easier league… When will we? Seriously, this is not how it should be done :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please pass on this feedback also ASAP while there’s still time. Thank you.


The expenation by Madlen shows one thing. Pro is unballaced and not well prepared. That is why such adjustment R made in the end so someone will take max rewards :disappointed_relieved: As a player of this platform I feel very sad about all this.


If azureknight and kingadityakumar were in my alliance, I would have kicked them because they encouraged some players to leave this game.

You every Time changing rewards beneficial for us but maybe 1 chest more or some few crystals. You can have 20place in pro but still only 2 chests. This rewards i So low. You removed monthly rewards. And now this? You take us first Time hope for max rewards and take this from us. Its not fair flare not fair. Make this so expensive pro league more atractive because rewards is sooo baaad for this Time and money waste. Give rewards back and next Time change reward on the other Way not like that!!!


It is disappointing, in my eyes extremely unfair, that you reduce both the number of crystals and the number of chests during an ongoing Pro League.
Like many others, I assumed that after 2 very heavy PRO leagues, a lighter one followed, so that more players than usual could achieve good crystal/chest values.
After some PALs and Guardians had been downgraded in the last weeks/months,
it looked like FG was trying to be more customer friendly. But this intervention is a relapse and harms motivation.
Please correct your decision and refrain from such “unfair” interventions in the future.


I think this case is absolutly about PR.

Increase something is good PR and mostly its expecred thing

Reduce? Guys its really bad thing for PR


lot of people specially bought tickets to get the highest tier, let them receive max rewards. flare seriously ? try to get along with players, it will definitely prove worthwhile


Same to me and my girlfriend. She dindnt even get half of the first mentioned prizes.
Its very disappionting to force players to spend dias for the ticket and then reduce it.

The answer of Madlen is not understandable.

Looks like the only plan of flare is to take our money.


At least give us some compensation chest the red one ! This is utterly unfair to bring rewards down.
You knew this would be unfair but did anyways…
The moment where “too” many people get max reward means nerf??
I am sure that if people did worse than their actual score this would have never happened !


This is a disaster! Very unprofessional. :angry::slightly_frowning_face:


This is not only frustration, this is really unfair to change after 4 days of Pro league.

You make very hard Pro league when it’s Pro archers and when it’ jester box, wich nobody cares its an easy League with massive rewards…

What can we understand ? You try not to make teams have pro archers because its easy to pass big defenses with it. But like nobody cares about Jester box we will flu them by make them think about big rewards.

Think well before you do nothing, thnik about how many players will go from your game, players like me who spend 4€ a month for subscription and sometimes Unique promotions at 25€…