Current thoughts on this game


It might not matter so much if you’ve maxed out everything you use, but it matters to those who are still building/leveling their base and army. I keep getting matched with people who are on average two throne levels above me. I’m not saying I can’t beat them, but I’m always having to use gems to resurrect myself or sit there for an hour spamming next. I shouldn’t be paired up with people who are clearly stronger than myself 99% of the time. I don’t know what metric you guys use to match players, but it is far from balanced. I suppose the bottom line is to have us lace your greedy pockets either buying gems or going through ads/surveys which will also pay you. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of players in this game to allow a more fair matchmaking. The opponents matched with you should only be +/- 1 max building level to yours. And if people like the current setup, then we should have an option to choose a harder difficulty for a small increase to rewards.

"Free" gems

The surveys and quizzes don’t always work. If I’m gonna spend money on this game, then I sure as hell won’t be using it through a third party site. The only surveys that work most of the time are from the TapResearch. Also the ones that are videos or links. The videos for the free chest only seem to work 30% of the time. It’ll either not load a video and result in a blank screen for a minute or a video will show up with a frozen screen at the end that doesn’t allow you to push the ‘x’. We shouldn’t have to deal with the fact that you guys don’t update the list of things we can do for free gems. There needs to be a quality inspection that makes sure they all provide gems properly upon completion. People should be compensated for completing no matter what because it’s not on us to know which ones work and which don’t. Every time I try to look for one that works it’s like trying to sort through years of e-mails without having the option to filter or delete.

Farm/silo capacity vs rate of food

Currently, they take ~2-3 hrs to fill a farm. The problem is capacity is to low for each level. I can understand at lower levels it’ll reach full capacity, but it should eventually take up to 12 hours to fill. Who wants to power nap just, so they can make sure they can check their farms. If you won’t raise the capacity, then at least allow our farms to auto collect while offline each hour on the hour. It won’t affect the people who attack us because they don’t get food for doing so. You may still have to increase the silo capacity for it to allow the players to not have to attend to the game so frequently.

Camera angle

I understand you guys want to make it look nicer my letting us see the design of everything, but it can be a pain in the butt trying to see what tower is behind another. Allow us to switch to an overhead view or a simplified version where we just see a shape and number with something to indicate what type of tower it is and level. We’ll still be able to tell by what it’s firing. When you’re playing from a mobile device it can be very difficult to see things with your fingers in the way.

This sounds like you have a better defense than offense. You should give both the same “love”, then you are matched against players at your offense thrength, thus making it at least a 50 / 50 chance to win without scrolls or resurrections. Your defense has a higher impact on your trophy count, so in the long run you will be there, where other players have the same defensive strength as you. I have seen both situations: Higher offense than defense: the players in your trophy range are too easy, resulting in you not getting enough gold and medals. Higher defense than offense: the players in your trophy range are too difficult and you can’t win against them without scrolls. In both cases: search for opponents by looking into the alliance members of the players around you. In that list, target the ones you need: higher, or (in your case) lower …

One other thing: You should concentrate on one good offense combination, not having all spells/troops on the same level, but weaker overall …

If I haven’t made it clear, then I’ll say it again. I have far less defense then the opponents I was matched with. They have towers and/or more towers that I haven’t even achieved yet because my throne is not at that level yet. My towers are barricades are no where near their max levels. The troops I use are usually the first to level, then I level my defense. I’m currently level 50+ and 1700+ trophies if that matters. Now if you or anyone know the actual metric used to determine matchmaking then that would be a lot more helpful. If you’ve read their posts they match up with “challenging” opponents which sounds to me they intentionally match you with harder opponents. Which is why I feel they need to scale back or offer us the option to choose a harder difficulty for a small increase in rewards.

If you want to avoid spending gold searching in matchmaker just look at the leaderboard near your trophy level or pick a random alliance and sift through their member list for opponents. I rarely use matchmaker due to the low medal availability and cost to search it.

I know that’s a way to work around it, but it doesn’t fix the problem. If I’m going to spend more time looking for people that way, then I might as well just spend time getting gems through surveys and such. I can use the gems to buy more gold and use it for resurrection. Which doesn’t solve the actual problem (time efficiency and enjoyment of the game). I should not be forced to go out of my way to actually play the game. This is similar to the balancing problem games like Diablo 3 ran into when they first introduced their game; however, this game has been out for awhile. I know of one patch where they improved matchmaking, but I was not playing at the time. I’ve only recently started playing this game, so I can’t tell how bad or good it use to be.

From what i read on the forum you are matched against opponents with your trophy count ±300. You seem a little bit too high, iirc. Possible solutions: open your base an let others reduce your trophies or attack some bases and deliberately lose with ~10%. Stop when you have reached your desired range. But don’t get too low, because then the opponents in matchmaker give you not enough gold …

Para mejorar el juego, desde mi punto de vista, creo que se deberían poder pausar las construcciones para volver a tener libre a un trabajador y construir algo mas importante al momento en lugar de tener que esperar a que terminen las construcciones. Además, seria uno de los pocos juegos que podrían hacerlo.

Tambien veo que los cristales, son dificiles de conseguir, y apenas se usan, no encuentro muy bien la funcion en el juego, de los cristales.

por lo demas lo veo un juego genial, estoy contento y lo recomiendo a mis amigos.


The current matchmaking features I find very flexible. You can do the following:

  1. Search for new opponents using the matchmaking feature. 

  2. Select alliances and select the members for attack

  3. Select an opponent on your trophy level

  4. Select an opponent from the tournament

  5. Lower your own trophies to get weaker opponents

  6. Search for a name

  7. Mark players you want to attack on a continues basis

  8. Attack those that has attacked you 

  9. Once you selected any opponent using the above methods, you can go directly to his alliance and attack anyone there

What I do miss is a history of the opponents I have attacked in the past - especially those that I was not successful with - so that I can strategize and try again.

An improvement to the matchmaking for me will be to have a setting that will favour “higher gold” or “higher trophies” or “higher medals” or “open base” as options. Sometimes you really want to find the stronger opponents that will give you more trophies or medals. Other times you are looking for gold from easy bases.