Currently known issues

Hi guys,
Forum switches are never going perfect.

I am aware of the following issues atm:

  • some emojis, profile pictures, images and youtube embedded videos are not shown correctly
    (Please let me know if you encounter such topics, I can fix it manually.)
  • some part of quotes are being shown as a quote, when in fact they already contain the answer to the quote-> this will not be adjusted.
  • If you zoom in the “Developer Keenflare” picture is not being adjusted and ends up behind the text. I will look into it if I find time :slight_smile: , since it is not a priority issue for now.

Most issues are fixed now. I have updated the list.
Please use this topic to add technical issues.

I think it takes some time to get used to it. Only on a tablet with touch screen and online keyboard the keyboard overlaps the text we are writing. Not that handy.

Will get used to it. Main problem is that it takes a while to lookup topics.

Hi, could you take a screenshot please and share it? Then I can have a look :slight_smile: Thank you!

Will do it as soon as I am home. The online keyboard is on bottom of screen, where also this message plus preview resides. So that’s why the online keyboard is hanging in front of the text and actually covering it.

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The alignment for the new forum is all out when I use my phone. Doesn’t matter if I use the default phone browser or Chrome.

Using Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

Hmm :frowning: Could you attach screenshots to your post please?

For the “touchkeyboard hidding the text input box” issue, this is the problem:

The first picture shows the screen with the input box and no touchkeyboard activated, the second picture shows the screen when the touchkeyboard is activated. It is hiding the input box. And as the position of the input box is fixed at the bottom of the screen, you can’t scroll it up.

This is on a Windows 10 PC.

@Dena4 You can partly help yourself by extending the input box to the top, wont solve the problem as you wont be able to see the text underneath the keyboard once you reach the position. Just grab the input box at the position marked in the picture.

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Here are some examples of the top and bottom of the forum in a mobile setting using Android chrome browser

@Eyja - thanks for sharing, I will see if I can find a solution for this.
@LacunaC - The footer is a plugin. I will see if I can find support for the footer but I may not be able to change it.
The header is a plugin as well. I am aware it looks like that on mobile (that the image is kind of cropped off - I think that is what you are reporting here) - it will automatically resize the header to fit the screen. I agree it does not look the best if it is cropped of like that but the only solution to this would be to place Helen and the King even more to the outer space of the image. I might test that in the future.

@Eyja describes fully what I noticed, while being on my tablet with online keyboard. Thanks for that.

I know I can drag and reposition parts of the screen plus keyboard, better known as docking.
I could dock forum on top/bottom for example and the keyboard on the opposite side of the screen, but on a touch screen without mouse even docking can be a challenge.

My wife will call me crazy :rofl: when I take a mouse, connect, and then again disconnect the mouse.

The same Links are in the Header. Remove it there or in the Footer.

I don’t see an issue there. Many roads lead to Rome and it should stay like that (Other software also gives you various options to achieve a thing). If you had to share the customer support link endless times as I did you would understand that I already had to control myself to not plaster it in every post kidding :wink:

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You can also put the Links in the Footer in the div class=“first-box” instead of div class=“second-box” then it might warp correctly on small-screen-devices.

The class “second-box” seems to have more than one columns.


edit: IF you have access to plain HTML of the board …

Yes, it works, use the same class for all containers and you are fine with the Footer (and it gets responsive too):

Edit: Sorry, I messed with the Links, the “Social” is missing instead I copied “Other Links” twice … :frowning:

about the issues regarding the touchscreen. Could you please let me have the following information:

  • screen size, operating system (Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, etc.) and version
  • browser and version

Thank you! :hugs:

Galaxy A7 2018, latest Android, Firefox:

Microsoft Surface Pro III, Windows 10 Home Edition latest version, screen resolution 1920x1280
Browser Microsoft Edge, latest version

No no no… Please don’t remove the links one the header!

One of the things I loved the most was how the Wikia finally gained some visibility thanks to this link.

So please leave it as it’s now :pray:

I have no problem with the Header - the Footer is the Problem. :wink: