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Can you post a Screenshot of you Muted-List (just as Shadow did)?

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have you checked all this categorys?

This should be the case, if I do not understand you wrong.
Have you checked that you muted all categories including all subcategories?

Polls in my topic about victory dance (created in July 2017) are disappeared out of migration in new provider.

Yes, unfortunately all created polls are not retrievable.

Hi… We get to vote topics we like, but voting is limited… We have to remove our vote from previous topic and place it in the new one… Once the old topic is closed, can you automatically reset vote and add it in the account…???

Also, I can’t remove my vote from 3 topics that were closed… These topic don’t even have vote displayed… The bar that shows votes just vanished… So now i am limited to 3 votes (which was 6 votes before that)…

the votes on a closed topic are still displayed, but you automatically get the sum back as soon as the topic is closed as far as I am informed.
Yes, you cannot remove votes from a locked topic. But you get the amount back.

I didnt get my votes back… How many votes do we get?

Is it 3 or 6? I am confused…

From Fancy-schmancy new forum features! Now with 100% more features! :

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It says, “If the topic is closed or archived, the votes are released to the users and can be applied to other topics but the vote count on the topic remains.”

But I don’t get votes back… I have go to a closed topic, clicked on “closed” and then “remove vote” to get my vote back… It reduces the vote of that topic…

I am Trust Level Member, which I guess is 2? That means I have 4 votes?.. Good… I can vote 4 times, but only after withdrawing my previous votes from closed topic… I could be wrong, but you check this functionality too… if it’s working right or not…

Edit: Oh No… I actually have 3 votes…

Did you reload the site after those topics were closed?

I open all the pages freshly new… Do I have to refresh or opening in new tab or new browser counts?

Am I trust level 2? Do I get 4 votes? If yes, check this:

It says only 1 more vote remain, but in fact, this is my secondly voted topic, which means I should have 2 more votes remaining…

The circled two topics are voted by me… That means, I should have 2 more votes remaining, but I have only 1 vote remaining… Review the issue please…

And why the last three topics don’t show any votes? If it’s voting function is removed, why is it listed under my “votes” section…

I have an idea what could have happened here.
We originally had voting enabled in the community creation section and also in the other section, if I am not mistaken. Then removed it,because it doesn’t make sense in those sections.
I could imagine you originally voted in a topic there (maybe the ones that are shown to you now). Now the votes are kind of trapped…
I will contact the support of the forum.

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Hi there,
It is indeed a bug. They are working on a fix already, but it may take some time. Sorry about that!


The forum provider committed a fix now. Could you confirm the issue is fixed for you (offset footer on mobile view) @Orko?
Thank you!


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When I click on the hamburguer menu option “Users”, to see a statistic of all Users, my user appears twice on the list:


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Yup… Same for me… One is shown at the top… And one at the ranking order…

That means, your status is shown at the top and at the current rank…

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Yeah, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :slight_smile:
As @GrimScythe2001 said :slight_smile:
I only see myself once, because I am currently leading. :rr2villainscream:

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