Currently known issues

Same for me - I have muted every OR-related Stuff:

BUT it still show up in the “Latest” Tab:

Hmm I have muted all of them as a test and it doesn’t show me any of those. Did you reload the page after you have muted them categories?

Sure, I have muted them days ago.

Right. I just saw that I am still seing topics that I have previously read in the list. But I will ask the forum provider.
Thanks :rr2advisornod:

I have now unmuted OR and muted again and now it is gone.

Hm. Maybe there was something changed and/or added in the OR “Ideas” section? Or maybe it was created after I muted OR?

Well I could have lived with it also, but now it is gone - better.

edit: Funny, while I typed this reply, I got the “429 Too Many Requests from your IP-Address” - Error-Message gg

@PicklePete / @orko
Where you using the site on mobile, when it showed you the “muted” categories?

Stop trying to hack us! gg

No it was from Desktop/Chrome (latest).

Ha! I`m only two 429-Errors away from the “Super Villain”-Badge!!! :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:

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It’s just as you say Orko.

I also had this problem and can confirm that when I went to check the muted categories about OR…

Yup! There was one Category missing, the “Ideas” one:


After I muted that one too, it fixed the issue for me. GIve it a try @PicklePete.

Maybe Madlen or an OR admin created that new section recently? :thinking:

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Yes, we created the “idea section” on the 22nd of May. I am assuming that is the solution :slight_smile:

Would be good to know if this is the reason for PicklePete as well.

Besides that, you will still see topics that you have engaged with earlier (written, liked,…).


Perhaps he can still mute those topics, even though he already posted on them?

I’m seeing a nifty option on the bottom of a thread, which includes a “Mute” option:


Yes, this will work, I wrote that earlier as well :slight_smile:

I just wanted to generally point it out that if you have engaged in a topic, you will see it by standard.

Well you could of course mute it topic by topic but I would prefer it to inherit it from above.

Dropping my reply in here mainly to track update progress if things change. I did find it super useful to mute all RR2 topics as suggested, same as the RR2 players found it useful to mute OR. But it would also be great if the New and Latest links acknowledged the mute as well, as mentioned.

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Still getting notifications for posts I have never visited. Latest is a lost account in OR.

Please give me a mute all button.

Can you post a Screenshot of you Muted-List (just as Shadow did)?

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have you checked all this categorys?

This should be the case, if I do not understand you wrong.
Have you checked that you muted all categories including all subcategories?

Polls in my topic about victory dance (created in July 2017) are disappeared out of migration in new provider.

Yes, unfortunately all created polls are not retrievable.

Hi… We get to vote topics we like, but voting is limited… We have to remove our vote from previous topic and place it in the new one… Once the old topic is closed, can you automatically reset vote and add it in the account…???

Also, I can’t remove my vote from 3 topics that were closed… These topic don’t even have vote displayed… The bar that shows votes just vanished… So now i am limited to 3 votes (which was 6 votes before that)…