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Thanks for reporting sir! :rr2blacksmiththumbsup: I am aware of that, but it only happens when you zoom in. So maybe there is time to fix it in the future, but this is no priority for now. :see_no_evil:

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I have got problems with navigation in this forum on Safari (on iPhone 7) since the start of July.

  1. I start with forum homepage (categories) or finish login.
  2. I press right arrow (on screen) to go to latest (but it can be “Royal Revolt 2: Official”, “Royal Revolt 2: Feedback”, etc.).
  3. I press right arrow to read (for example) topic 1.
  4. After I finished to read topic 1, I press left arrow (on screen) to return to previous website (in this case to latest).
  5. I press right arrow to read topic 2.
  6. After I finished to read topic 2, I press left arrow to return to previous website (in that case to latest), but it goes to topic 1 directly.
  7. I press again left arrow to go to the previous website (in that case to latest, due to error/mistake/bug), but it goes to categories or finish login directly.

Hello, I tried to reproduce this, but it doesn’t occur to me. Maybe you can take a video?

For me the structure was as follows:
categories (tap to go to latest)
latest (tap on a topic to read it)
use left arrow to go back - you end back in “latest”
tap on next topic
use left arrow to go back- you end back in “latest”

I could not use the right arrow when I first visited the forum (it was greyed out), because I first need to tap on a topic to read it. So I am not sure I understand you correctly :frowning: .

No topic was previously picked, so for me the arrow is greyed out.

But isn’t the right arrow there to go back to a deeper-rooted page you previously loaded?

But in general, you could also just swipe back again and it will take you to the previous page as well.

@Madlen This problem is not yet fixed… When will this be fixed?..

I will ask the forum provider once more.

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I confused “right arrow” with “select a topic”.

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It should be fixed now.

Thanks a lot… It’s fixed… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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just in case you do not know: you also have this on ipad air 2 with the standard (safari?) browser without any zoom and you cannot zoom out s.t. it does not occur.