Currently, the trophy rank system is freely controlled

Currently, the trophy rank system is freely controlled.

There are now ways to easily create and maintain over 6,000 trophies for 24 hours.
The accumulated and maintained trophies give you the most control over the Diamond League, and give you control over your alliance players in Ninja events.

If the flare does not adjust this immediately, the game system will collapse.
(Other players will do so by same way)

About the method

  1. Repeat multiple intentional losses using multiple accounts.

  2. If you do so, the adjustment variables of the trophy calculation may change, and you can quickly make more than 6000 trophies.

  3. Normally, if there is a difference of 700 trophies, the trophies will not steal each other even if players fight, but the adjustment value will be abnormal, so you will not be stolen it, but you can steal from even under 700 trophy player than you.

  4. By using multiple accounts, you can freely create the status being attacked and keep trophy from others player attacking.
    (Typically, if you stay online for a few hours, you will be attacked even if you are online, but you can disable it.)


Trophies are hard to earn in normal attacks.
With fewer middle class users, the trophy is more skewed than before.

For example, like a festival
A game that adds a trophy increase / decrease element to a random defense raid in the same trophy layer

If Flare suggests how to earn trophies that will not affect other users’ trophies, the middle class players will be able to collect and retain trophies as much as they can.

Simple solution. Only Matchmaking raids affect trophies and cannot skip opponent (like in festival) and all will be fine. Easy to implement too. Already suggested to Flare LOOONNNGGGG time ago.


At top 10 should be best/main active raiders.
Not fake one who winning like piggy about someone attacked him and push each other like a funny threesome.

I dont care about trothies, but understand for many its a thing why do they play

And for sure its should be fixed


From the other side it is cool: you have free medal farms :wink:


I watched the top team hop out and in their alliance to push trophies for ninjas. So silly to act like all do not participate in this activity. Once above 4800 all battles give 5 trophies it is ridiculous.


They just use an exploit that is that the negative trophies difference limit (1200) to get trophies from another player has a higher value than the positive trophies difference limit (700) to get trophies from another player… so through pushes they put themselves in position were they actually can attack players and get trophies from them while those same players won’t be able to get any trophies from them… so they actually used two exploit the difference of limit and the trophies dropping…
Not really a nice behaviour from those players but the system allows them to behave like that… but it shows what kind of people/player they are,… Not the best publicity for those alliances…

I already saw something like that… Oh look +6800 trophys in Game

I agree with LacunaC. This is a good solution.