Curse: Keep this item equipped (minor bug?)

I have “cursed wristwraps” on Artemis with the curse “Keep this item equipped for 4.0 day(s)”.

Item has been equipped for (according to my recollection more than 4) days on each of the 3 outfits , yet the progress bar never shows any progress whatsoever.

Did you remove the item during those four days even for a second?

As it will reset the timer to 4 days again.


Nope, didn’t remove anything. Didn’t even switch between the Artemis profiles even though it was equipped on all 3. Didn’t touch it for several weeks at all, but nothing happened. Eventually just gave up and sold it.

Strange friend, I get such task and I finish them without any issues at all 

I don’t know why it didn’t work in your case though???