Cursed chest task


do you also have the feeling that some of the tasks to unlock chests are much harder than others?

for me i find those tasks where you have to conquer 20 times a perticular source those where it taks me the longst time. simply because those island do not spawn so much on the map.

this chest below is blocking me now for days (20 wisdom islands…)


Change the task with 25 gems or do lots of raids in day.

That’s how I complete these tasks.

I always use second method to unlock chests.

@HOLYDIVINE thx, that also how i do it. but compared to e.g. the “open 100 chests” these above are harder imho. odyssey island do not count here ad you have no control which island do spawn. i have to do much more islands to fulfill this task. 

pay 25 gems: no guarantee that the same task can occur again or one of the ambrosia/gold islands task.

I’m suspecting you ‘park’ many heroes permanently on wisdom islands (as wisdom is badly needed for high power upgrade costs) as a result the free wisdom islands are significantly reduced compared to maybe ambrosia or gold. Try removing those heroes for a few hours from those wisdom islands while you do attacks, then you’ll clear the task.

Trust me these tasks are easy for an active player.

I also sometimes change these tasks for 25 gems and get a different task.(Definitely different task)

These quests used to be lot harder when they were first raid 50 wisdom islands.

I wrote against it and than developers changed the task from 50 islands to 20 and made other tasks also easy.

not exclusively. i distribute them. and in addition during war three more islands where free too. and its nearly the same if the task demands gold or ambrosia.
but i also did what you suggested here and freed some more wisdom islands.


edit: but maybe it also has an effect if other high level players sit on wisdom island and those players do not get attacked a lot due to various reasons. i.d.k. like said above i have the feeling that its nearly the same if wisdom/gold or ambrosia is needed. but it may be subjective.


3 hours a day is more than active for me. ofc not 12h like i read here, which is crazy and absolutely not understandable for me. (i do not mean you).
this 3 hours include also forging and talking, odyssey and war. i do not play two accounts where i autofarm on one and forge and chat on the other


anyway. thx for response to all. i was just curious why for one task more than 80 islands are neccessary (whithout  odyssey and war), while other tasks can be done whitin one odyssey.

When my work conditions changed, I was able to play on my work desktop. Which can be really helpful for AP, for 8-10 hours. You just move the AP hero, and you get so much done faster… It is however for me much more difficult to go manual mode on hard defenses, and I do have to log out, and get on the ipad to use some “weaker” heroes (even my 2nd best or 3rd best hero). My fails are often… and I use invos a lot more, if I am at the end of the battle and near-fail conditions. The AP will help you raid a lot, and not care much about raiding 20 ambrosia/wisdom islands, it comes naturally and I even forget to check the cursed chest.

Most of the tasks are fairly doable within a few days, even without a lot of raiding, but with your mind set to it, much faster. There are different levels of difficulty, but maybe they depend on what kind of player you are. Naturally if you start an Odyssey today, and you do a max one, then you un-curse most of the items for that task, but if you get those items right after Odysseys, you have to wait like 5-6 days to get the chance. Also some are hero depended, which can take MUCH longer. For other tasks, you can be a light user, but if you really need that titan item, you just have to spend 2 hours and raid 30 islands, or 1-2 days to do it with wisdom islands. The suggestions of clearing out those islands, so they can be easier populated is correct, but for me wisdom is so valuable I would never do it. Depends on what you set your priorities. The curse will be resolved as some point, but if you want it badly, yes, do it.

On my mini account, I struggle… I reached 10 titan chests a few weeks ago, and could not get more… now i am at 6-8 chests and it is a problem, I have to worry about it all the time. Especially the 20 type of islands… you are absolutely right (also harder to raid with less good heroes, and also much tougher opponents). I also struggle with opening 2 titan chests. As the cursed doesn’t allow for new titan ones, the only options are wars/odysseys and that also a bit hard for me to get one titan or titan chests. I would suggest that somewhere between the daily chests (like the 15th of the 30 days), there is one more titan chest to help out in these situations… some players may struggle A LOT, with that specific cursed task if they do not get titan chests from the other 2 sources. @CaptainMorgan

It is easier for old players… so maybe it could help the new, or lower level players.

You can open two Titan point chests to break that curse. I try to always keep two in reserve Incase that curse comes up. 

just curious: why do you have to change to ipad for this - i assume you have the same opponents and it does not matter on which devices you play.

btw: right now (after fulfilling a open 100 chest task) i am doing a 20 gold-island task and it goes much faster than wisdom (more than the half after 1.5 hours of play). so maybe just bad luck or due the need of wisdom by lot of players.


i also have some titans to open in reserve.

Assuming you don’t need to open them. I rarely do that, unless I am close to finishing a task, and move to the next one. On my mini, I dont have the luxury. On my main account like I said, I forget I am doing tasks, I dont navigate to specific islands, I do tbat on the mini…

I can’t control the hero so well, I panic, I use more gems, and fail much more. Tough opponents, need manual effort. Even mediocre opponents, may cause the hero to stuck on the GK, which means I have to manually get the gate or use invos. Seconds count, distance counts (for invos) and so on. If I manual on ipad, I know what to do, I dont need gems, or fear of failing…

I am playing 3 years on iphone/ipad, Im like a noob on pc. Only recently I started using keyboard arrows for runs, because I never thought they would work (dumb, I know). I haven’t used the keyboard for gaming for 15 years probably… (counter strike).

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback on these Curse Quests. We will be slightly rebalancing and improving the Curse Quests in the next version.