Cursed item - break 3 other curses

Some items require you to break “other curses” to uncurse them. However, this doesn’t include breaking curses on titan chests given from accumulating Ajax’s titan points. The wording of such cursed items would make more sense if they were modified to: “break x other hero item curses” instead of “break x other curses”.

It`s simple though, u equip this item to your Cadmus, then go complete the tasks of 3 different curses or break them with gems, and get the Cadmus one for free.

Or it could be expanded to include cursed chests. I’d like that better. 

Including chests would be great (then you don’t need to change the wording). If you don’t include chests, then the wording needs to change to “break x other hero items curses”

Agree with @tjgarland there.