Cursed item, curse didn't break.

Cursed Titan item, donated 750gems/6 million, didn’t break the curse…

Account details in screenshots

Link to support seems to go to a bad gateway 404…

I wonder if this is a bigger deal than we think. This has been happening a lot lately, and there’s the weird server sync issues in war.

Did FG change server hosts recently?

Sorry for the dumb question but … was it equipped when you made the donations ? 

No it wasn’t and apparently it needs to be.

Which is cobblers! If I was using her to take over islands I could understand, but donating…? 

So broke it anyway, ok item, but lower than her current kit…

Tried s basic forge, complete waste of time.

So cursed items are now mostly rubbish and forging is pointless, remind me why I’m playing still?