Cursed perks normal?

Was the chance of getting special perks from cursed items diminished? Out of my last 9 cursed perks(7items and 1 ring) literally all of them were normal perks, no fb, ad, rd, demo, leadership or health. Nothing…


yeah I’d really like FG to consider not putting normal ‘junk’ perks in to cursed items…some will disagree as things like stun and att speed are very useful, but then we can find them very often anyway.


but you cant flood with rare perks at the same rate as you get cursed chests now. and those other cursed perks that are not „rare“ very often do have better base stats then normal items. just a remark.

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Yes to break barricades demolition is required which I have not found in cursed item from long time… % of finding these item’s should be increase @CaptainMorgan please.

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I agree that rare perks should be rare.
But i hate it when i find regeneration perk on cursed rings or petrify.
It is so hard to find good perks in game let alone cursed euipments.


Easy fix. Less cursed but only “cursed rare perks”. Everything will basically stay the same, people however will spend less gems unlocking items, but it will encourage them to spend more gems if its 100% a rare perk.

I got no problem with it btw as it is. If you raid enough you will get a lot of cursed items. Its a rewarding system imho. And in 150, undoubtedly you will be getting those while we stand still… and then the fun begins.


but you will also get less good base stats this way. :man_shrugging:

This is more of a problem with Regen than with cursed items. And the “normal” perks wouldn’t be a problem (or not as much of one) if the values were better. They’re very marginally better. Like usually you have to squint to see how they’re better.

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The “high end” values, were removed I believe. You can get any value, low or high. Haven’t you noticed?

But bringing back that part, can make interesting the cursed items (for regular perks).


they could be higher sometimes, true. but most times these items do have the better base value compared to other. and, you can get or better make a high value perk (even if it is protection, but think of AS or stun or…) on an item slot where it is not possible otherwise.
i value that too.

edit: imho lots of builds simply would not be possible without them (unless you do some refines)
i only wish that they would make them visible so you can see afterwards that this is a cursed perk. very hard to memorize which one is a cursed or normal e.g. LoH perk if you dont know (which i still dont, btw) on which items which perks are normal and which not.
but if i would only get rare perks - maybe ok too. just wanted to point out some more points


That’s what I was thinking. How about cursed perks should be either rare perks or regular perks but on a slot that couldn’t be found otherwise? (e.g. LoH on boots).


if a cursed perk would get a rare perk and therefore less often then it is now, you would still wait to get what you need.
if it becomes a normal perk but on slots where normally they would not be, i assume it would also take longer till you get what you want for a specific hero for a specific place.
i guess it would happen more often if the set of available perks is small, but did not made calculations about that.

whatever will be a change, someone will still miss something. if they change anything i hope the make balances s.t. it will not get worse then it is now.

I dont think the probabilities of high values are any different, than any other normal item. At least after they changed it. They used to be “1 forge value” higher, or the max was that. Which would mean if the normal was max 20k a cursed max could potentially be at max 21k.

And just to clarify, you can’t get any perk (the normal ones) out of slot. So you can’t get stun on boots for example. The exception is loh, which is a normal perk, and can be found on shield/boots. And physical on cape. These would classify still a cursed rare. Although physical on shielded heroes is useless, non-shield heroes could possibly make good use of them in some cases.

So AS or CD cant be found anywhere else… same for regen/petrify/stun. Resistances are always on same slots and so on.

Even the cursed perks have specific positions, and this is also damn well planned. Have you noticed that CD is nowhere to be found other than capes? Not even cursed? (Excluding rings). That’s not just something that was randomly selected… it was well thought.

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thats what i mean… if they would change anything as wished it would mean that propabilities change also and can have side effects that are maybe not considered by the wish of a change.

You can change and keep the same probabilities or outcome. Its not hard to do, if we are talking about cursed perks, or their values or anything.

However, I do not know their full reasoning, to be able to support that. I think it worked well before, and it works well now. Maybe it didn’t have to change, but I am assuming they did it for the greater good, and if they don’t retract that action, it means its working better or similar.


Captain Morgan has denied this when asked directly about it, but I agree that it seems like it changed.

maybe they did not lower them but raised the other values.

I did find some oddly high value non-cursed items, maybe what you said is true.

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I remember reading about it somewhere. Otherwise I would have said, “it seems” the values are indifferent to being cursed or not. Im talking about the non-rare perks, as we only get the rare through cursed.

From an observation point, it’s definitely the case. Something has changed for sure.

I asked about that too. The answer was no.

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