Cursed Titan - Alliance Donations

Can you please fix the bug with the Cursed Titan that asks you to donate 750,000 Gold to your alliance?

Before the improvement in donation bonus with the last update it would take someone with L10 donations, prestige bonus and standard alliance bonus 3 days (3 lots of donations to do this). No problem

With the new donation levels it should be possible to do this in 2 days - but EACH time you donate the remaining amount resets itself so that it still takes 3 days (for example my remaining amount reset from 2,500 gold to 100,000 gold after the 2nd donation).

Clearly this is stupid and a developer oversight. EITHER change the expected amount to a higher value or properly credit what is donated - but stop misleading us all and fix it please

I agree and I thought only I am seeing this bug .Right now I can donate around 389k but actual donation us still sane 325k as it was before this patch then what is the use of this loyalty bonus @CaptainMorgan that you said would reward alliances with loyal players.

My actual donation is still same as it was before the update 4.0 but screen always shows a higher amount than I donate.

This issue will be fixed with the next game client update (not server update).

@CaptainMorgan - thanks - glad you are on it