Cursed Titan boots for Athena disappeared

Hi @CaptainMorgan… I was opening my Titan chests just a while ago as all my resources are full and for me it’s the best time to get better items (note that i only got 1 unique item for the duration of my game here with OR and it’s not even that great unique item).  So, i saw that i got one Titan boots for Athena and it’s a cursed so i thought it must be good… While i keep checking the loots, the game refreshed (as it always does whenever i open chests - its like the server forgot to ask me to buy the slot for 5 gems).  So when the game went back on and i continued opening the chest, no Titan Boots came. It’s just soooo annoying how i always try to get titan chests, yet soooo unlucky to get unique or good cursed items.  

Hope you can look into it.


IGN: ?MoonlightWolf?