Cursed Titan Chest Moving Target?

I’m seeing a problem where the titan chests with the alliance donation curse. It starts with a requirement to donate 750K gold to the alliance. I then donate 422,500 and the chest correctly shows that I only need to donate 327,500 more. When I go back and view the chest later, it states that I need to donate 425K. I donate another 422,500 and the chest correctly shows that I need to donate 2500 more. Later I check again and the chest states that I need to donate 100K more.

This is making it take an extra day to break the curse on the chest when it should only take 2 days since I can donate 422,500 gold per day.

Why is this cursed chest a moving target?

It’s believed to be related to ally bonus donation.  This curse has been removed.  You won’t have to worry about it after you complete that one.  Check the Official Announcements:


Does this mean that that we will no longer have this curse as an option or is it that the math bug has been fixed? I would prefer the latter since this curse is my favorite since it only takes 2 days to remove…

@KingBenk this does mean the first option (so you will no longer get this curse at all). Something prevents them fixing the math bug, hence the “cutting the entire arm off instead” solution.