Cursed Unique chest and my first task

Hi Flaregames and thank you for the new update.

I just sacrificed one 5 Star Titan item on a duplicate unique item.It converted it into a cursed unique chest.What is this cursed unique chest @CaptainMorgan also how can I score 100 k score in an alliance wars ,for the past two months I am only able to score 75 k in a three day war format and the best score was in the last Alliance wars.But still it is no where closer to 100k.???


Is this a bug or do I have to change this task ? because no matter how hard I try I can’t score beyond 79k or 80 k in a single Alliance wars.

It will take you more than 1 War to fulfil this task.

@CaptainMorgan, What’s bothering me is after cursing a unique item and after doing the required task in that new cursed unique chest, will a unique item always be given back or not?

Thank you for the update btw. Love it. <3

Okay thanks?

Hhmmm, I think it will always be a unique item because it is a CURSED UNIQUE chest.

@HOLYDIVINE, when you curse a unique, does the 5 star titan item you use to curse it also gets destroyed along with losing 10 million gold?

Sure. Same as regular forging a unique. 

Yes it will be destroyed and also you can curse any unique item and just not the duplicate one as long the unique item is not euipped.

Just a little info I want to share.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Oh god why Rhis game always provide duplicate unique items even cursed unique chests.

Anyways found this same armor again fourth time,plus found two dragon scale,asterion, Nemisis each.

I want to give my feedback on cursed titan chests.

I really liked its concept of trading or exchanging duplicate unique items but I hate I don’t like 10milion gold costs and one five star titan items are also very expensive and time consuming to forge.

Now comes second problem that is the tasks required to open that chests.

So far, I have seen tasks

  1. Gain 500 fame points at best it takes two weeks time to complete

  2. Achieve 100k Victory ponits in a war(well prior to new war system it was possible to this task in two weeks but now with gaps in war it some times take three to four weeks to complete this task.)

Too much wait time.

3)Take 500 islands :(((((

(Really difficult task to complete )

Fine I am willing to accept all this requirement or should say needless conditions to excange a duplicate a unique item but why I am still getting duplicate unique item that I have already found four times?

@CaptainMorgan I hope you are reading this one.

I don’t think so it is will be hard to design a system that prevents that the possiblity of finding duplicate unique items.

If it is not possible to build such system then how about adding 10 cursed items with one unique item in such cursed chests?

Atleast players won’t feel cheated or robbed of their efforts and will not feel frustrated at finding same Unique items that have found before 

Hello Holydivine,

I understand your anger, but please do not necromancer old threads :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You already are doing a great job @Madlen

Just please don’t ignore us or stop communicating with us.

I wish you a good day :slight_smile:



I really am beginning to hate this unique cursed chest  - I have now had 6 duplicates in a row, and I only have about half the total uniques items available.  4 of these chests I have opened with gems (4k).  I really believe paying with gems should not give a duplicate, and in addition is the system really that random!!? @vasudeva1 has had 4 in a row, one guy from our alliance has about 6 medusa shields, I mean seriously FG @Madlen can you ask for some sort of mechanism whereby using ‘real’ money at least doesn’t result in another useless duplicate.  

After this latest debacle I’m just gonna have to do tasks and wait a year for a new item…

The odyssey and war quests only take 2 weeks, just make sure you curse the chest right before one of the three day wars so you don’t have to wait through the off week. 

The 500 islands quest can be quicker or slower depending on how much you grind. 

We all know that dumpster but does it really going to solve the problem of duplicate item?

Probably not pay gems or not,end result is same.

Yeah it doesn’t solve the problem, but it is more annoying when you pay, I think. 

I also haven’t cursed a unique in forever because the power of most of them is underwhelming.