Cursed unique chests suggestion

_ Can you please put books as payment instead?? _

_ I am making incredible items from green to titan with gold! _

_ I am d** oing ** high level Odyssey with gold! _

_ I am upgrading Unique items every level with gold! _

_ I am donating to the alliance with gold! _

_ I am forging cursed items with gold! _

_ I am re-rolling masteryes with gold! _


Meanwhile all the books are pilling on, I have all my heroes on gold for 4 months now.
Think about it… you need knowledge to unlock this rare items… right? Makes sense to me.


_ Can you?? Please!! Thank you. _


@CaptainMorgan what @Gammal has said is true .I don’t keep my heros on wisdom islands at all.I only place them on wisdom lslands when I have to do odyssey quests ( Usually I am doing 8 skull or 9 skull these days).My resource silos always stays full ,I can buy item chests when My gold chamber is full,can forge items with gold . Ambrosia is used to make raids but what about a library of wisdom full of wisdom can’t spend it on anything?.

Please can we have some other meaningful use of wisdom too just like gold and Ambrosia.

So far wisdom is only used for construction of new structures or Odyssey quests.

Or maybe trim down the odyssey cost and forging costs instead? @CaptainMorgan

Its not about the cost @Sharknado .The odyssey or forging cost are the least of my concern now.Just like you few months back I used to think cost of forging five star titan items are high or forging a unique item too expensive but turns out I was wrong because as you level up and if you are an active player doing such things are easy.My inventory is already filled with five star Titan items and my all heros are alwys wearing Titan item sets(I am changing them after every Ascension level gain believe or not?).It is not hard to earn resources in the game .However new players find it difficult at first but eventually they too start forging Titan items around 80 ascenion level.

Same thing can be said about odyssey too.Intially I used to struggle to gather resources for five skulls but now I can easily do 5 Eight skulls odysseys in just two days only.All I need is patience thats all.?

But what @Gammal and I are requesting is some meaningful use of Knowledge.Right now knowledge can only be used for three tasks only .Build structures ,do odyssey or reroll mastery thats all I am always facing the issue of surplus resources meaning resource silos staying full but luckily Gold has so many uses as @Gammal mentioned them above.We can  buy green chests with gold forge items so on and on.Ambrosia is used for raids or for reviving heroes very useful but what about Knowledge .At high ascension level where it takes 3-4 days time to upgrade a single structure during that time my Library of wisdoms stays full and I can’t spend that extra knowledge.

Please @CaptainMorgan surprise us with some innovative use for knowledge too just like you did with duplicate unique items ? in the lateset update.

(P.S Now I know how clevery and intelligently the system of the Olympus Rising is designed be it odysseys quests requirements or forging or trophy penalty or experience ponits required for leveling up heroes.It all makes sense now atleast to me.I have to say THIS Flaregames does know how to make a game fun to play☺️)

Hell … Nooo? … 

It takes more the 2-3 days to fill up the wisdom to max… The gold is easy to collect you can collect gold in 1-2 hrs … wisdom is hard to collect ? … If you guys want to spend the wisdom then go for 10 skulls your 80k-100K wisdom will go away ? … 

Many players including me are maxing there resources till war to get some gems… and if your wisdom chamber is full then you should be happy? that you should not have any tension about that resource and concentrate on collecting only one resource…

I don’t understand why you find it hard to gather knowledge @AK47NAPC  but my knowledge store is always full.Also what you suggested about 10 Skull is overkill And doing them is no easy task maybe your all heroes can do it but unfortunately most of the players who are playing at high ascenion level find even seven skull difficult to do so.You can ask @Hellslordfor that.He is a strong player with more than 13k trophies.

My suggestion is why gold is used for every transaction or quest or for forging task and why not knowledge.Makes more sense If I can donate with knowledge or use knowledge to forge curse items.

Or how about letting us use knowledge to reforge a five star titan item as I find it a pain to forge a new item for my all 12 heroes after every ascenion level gain(My all heroes just become weak after an ascenion level go n).Just too much gold is wasted on it while I also wait to find a particular property on a hero item.


@HOLYDIVINE, I’m adding a piece of info so you can rethink regarding books. Just to upgrade a single level of Bia, costed me over 90k of books. I will have another level and it will be maxed out, so think for a moment if you demand such changes. At the current situation don’t bother much, just try keeping things balanced and nothing will be a waste. The only thing that could be helpful, it would be reducing the costs of Ithacas and forging as it feels like playing non stop to farm gold and books.

Okay I got your point @Neptune and I guess you are referring to the last level of the Bia.But I can easily manage knowledge doen’t require much time as I am sure it wil take more than three days time for that upgrade to finish plenty of time to gather Knowledge.

@HOLYDIVINE I guess now you now why it is different you collect wisdom? …82K for one spell upgrade and there are towers too for upgrade …  

Gold is easy to collect hardly 2-3 hrs and BINGO gold chamber max out… 

Wow So we can upgrade Artemis spell to level 6.?Yeah I saw the cost But still that upgrade will take three days time to complete and I still find it hard to belive that a wisdom chamber can’t be filled to max in that time but Once all your spells are maxed out or towers are upgaded to max then what else you will the wisdom for??

Harbour 10skulls??

And that’s lvl 4 can go upto lvl 5 only

But if Developers decrease the the cost of Odysseys than yeah would be good thing too.

Then i will spend more wisdom on enrolling the mastery ?

Wisdom is easily the hardest resource to collect. 

I don’t know that but I always end up FINDING around 1500-2000 Wisdom in single battle from vault chests??? 

That’s a lot. A few hundred is normal. I actually don’t think you find 2000 wisdom in vault chests very often.

That’s why I suggested that it is actually better to just decrease forging cost and Odyssey cost bro. :slight_smile:  Books are hard to accumulate as compared to gold, you can just battle players on the world map and the gold is back to full after maybe less than a day.

Also after Odysseys, wisdom is almost gone (for 8 skull and up).

_ Yes… spells are a pain to upgrade at MAX level, and Odyssey**  on MAX skulls takes up **** a lot ** of books. _

So how many players play at MAX like this?? I am a old maxed player and even I don`t know what to do whit all this wisdom.

_ No… there is to much wisdom , it needs its purpose** , and forging a **** Unique ** takes time is a hard and rare task, we ca spare books but we cannot spare coins anymore. __   _