Cursing a Unique

When you curse a Unique, usually you need to spend Gold.

But sometimes, the system could ask for additional Wisdom. Is that normal?

Yes but with refined uniques



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IGN: avi55


Hey Tomaxo,

Thanks for reporting this and sending the video. We will look into it :grinning:

am i blind, or what is the bug here? the unique is already gold refined… (in the video you dont have the 150k books, so it gives you the option to buy …)

isn’t it these same like shown in pictures here?  but it can be a bug, of course, but a bug that applies to everyone, or do i miss something?


EDIT:  oh… he pressed “curse”… sorry /   (but why curse a gold refined item?)   b.t.w.: what happens if you curse a gold refined unique? - do you get a gold refined one with random(?) perks? 




The bug was that the cost was only showing gold, not wisdom, yet when he pressed ‘curse’ it said he had a shortage of wisdom…

I would’ve cursed the above but the cost was 20 M gold…a lot to throw away an item already having cost a fortune!!

yes, thx. it came to my head after i replied… (thats why i edited the post)… i thought it was about forge not curse… my bad. it is useful to read->think->(maybe) post… sorry, somewhere i got shortcutted ?

I decided to do an experiment), waiting for what happens

but 150,000 wisdom was taken from me