Cursing Unique Nonsense

This is just another complain about cursing uniques; finding unique is already needs a big chance -dont know its just my bad luck- it always repeat itself. 

Same item again and again.

After giving good 5* titan item which forge request lots of resources and time + 10m to forge that repeat unique and u find another repeat item.

This shit needed to be fixed. At least cursed ones needed to be new so it could make sense and it could worth to spend effort.



Fourth prom armor.(and 3 already cursed ones.)

Big thanks to flaregames.

Now im gonna curse that armors with 10m gold each and sacrifice 5 star titan items to find another item that i already have but with shittier numbers.

What a lovely loop, isnt it?

Totally agree! This isn’t hard to figure out. Let’s get this fixed ASAP! 

Definitely need to be fixed 

This thing is not new everyone has complained about it in the past too including my self???

But I don’t know if falregames will ever fix this annoying bug or not.