Cursing Uniques and refine values

So I know I’m flogging a dead horse regarding the first part of this topic, but I’m just going to put another idea out there as again, today got another duplicate (and I’m done counting how many of the same item I’ve received, having found/cursed over 80 in my OR time easily and still missing one old one an 2 new ones) . There have been many ideas floated around from exchange systems to buying. My suggestion is simple:

  1. Have the option to exchange several uniques to actually chose the unique you want:

I would say swap 4 or 5 uniques to 1 chosen unique is a reasonable ratio. You reach the point where you can’t do anything with the duplicates. Which leads to the second part of my comments. Some will say you don’t need them anyway, which is a valid argument for some of the uniques, but others it pretty essential- try making up 3k leadership in perks to equal Achilles’ armour or Ariadne’s braclets, would need around 4 refines at my lvl which makes the hero weaker on other needs. As players accumulate nearly all uniques, the probability drops considerably to finding new ones, so there’s no more reason to curse uniques and the cost in gear and gold is unreasonable.

  1. Refining of uniques items produces so low stats it makes the ones that could be refined and used vs standard items almost useless. Uniques are supposed to be good, and the extra animation makes me want to use them as they look good, but in truth they have been made terrible when refined. At my level I can easily find a 250k CD perk, and refine it on to a normal item and retain 150k perk which is around 60% of the original. Yet I add a perk to the unique the value is typically around 100k!!! That’s ridiculously low. I know the value added depends a little on the quality of the unique and its perk, but 40% of what could be achieved is an insult to the beautiful items that have been programmed!! ! Screenshot%20(3749)|690x389

I have duplicates of both items of course, but I do try and use the uniques that have been designed. Both these uniques had good perk stats, the Oddy bow a little better, but almost as high as they would go.


Your continued efforts are not going unnoticed. We have this point high on our list of things to tackle, but we have not yet reached the point where it is top of the list. Changes will come, so thank you for your suggestions, but those changes will not be in the next version.


@CaptainMorgan you said you have something in mind for duplicate unique items usage.
Right now they are taking extra space in my inventory.
I can’t sell them for higher price , can’t use them to supercharge any previous unique item or convert them into five star titan items
Is it possible to convert a unique item into two or maybe three five star titan items?


The bigger question would be what to do with refined uniques (if you do not want to get into the process to upgrade them again). Those were some expensive refinings… Please do find a first initial solution/usage urgently. The problem is increasing with volume/space, and in fact, it will be unfair if people sell them, and then you give us a solution. There should be some compromising solution asap.

I would also gift them to the workers and the other upgrades, to speed them up…

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It would make sense to me to be able to revert any unique back to its original with the click of a button. Maybe you made a mistake and refined the wrong perks onto a unique, or its 10 levels old and feeling weak, but you just can’t afford to refine the gold item to use to upgrade it. Being able to revert the unique to the base form would be helpful.

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I’d use a 5 titan on that, or different unique… but it feels it should be a 1* titan… I already hugely paid for that, give me a nice discount to make it viable or usable.

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I’d rather not have to use any item to revert a unique. You’re losing the expensive refined fodder equipment anyways.

If anything, maybe a small gem fee to do it, like skipping an odyssey adventure (which I don’t think you should have to pay for, either…).

But yeah, I might pay 50 gems to un-refine a unique in the right situation.

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I dont want to use anything either. But seeing as this seems like a quick fix for me, I can only think they want to make it balancing/costly/harder , which takes time or they cant decide. Therefore I am a) giving options to devs and b) accepting compromises as to have any solution

They would still be good if the fact of being “refined” would give better values in % even though stats could be low.

The ‘swap’ feature could be implemented as a high lvl celestial boost bonus, then it could be made as a swap intra alliance for those that have reached the celestial lvl or just have 3 or 4 duplicates for one chosen unique every few months, something like that…and I’m not suggesting we have to build more decorations, did many months of that :wink: