Custom dungeons

Probably someone suggested this already but what if we could have fun/practice raids on custom procedurally generated maps/dungeons? We could set path length/shape, number, level and boost of towers/troops, several variants of wave composition, even beasts. Based on that the game would cook up a map we could try beating to our hearts’ content. No food, no trophies, no rewards, just unrestricted fun of combo testing and heavy combat. There could even be a way to save some particularly favorite maps in cloud or even sharing.

I understand it may be too much to ask, but look at it like this - with this utility around, you wouldn’t need to rely on other people’s maps for festivals and the like and you’d have an endless supply at the touch of a button. And players would actually have fun playing, for a change.

Do tell how (un)feasible this idea is. I’m not getting my hopes up but I’d rather if y’all at least tried making something like this. :slight_smile:


Hi JiggleFizziks,

Yes, it would be a nice to have, but not feasible for us at this moment. Thanks for your idea though :slight_smile: