Customer orientation

I felt the necessity to share our experience below in order to show how customer focused the team is.1,5 days before the end of the last war, our map crashed and was reset to a day 0 stage. Alliances that were already eliminated got back to fight, the fiefdoms irrespective of the standing of the fight, were taken from every alliance…The odd end of the game was that of course noone got eliminated, those who were eliminated gained further fiefdoms, whereas the alliances that would have won the first and second place, and were engaged in fights on 3-4 fronts lost fiefdoms, several of us could not reach the 50k chests etc. At the end of the war the alliance that would have finished third, won the war. The crash was reported as soon as it occurred but no resolution was provided. Our request to have suitable compensation for the loss, that includes not only the above but also real money spent by colleagues to enable us to win resulted in a big we are very sorry but we are not recompensing. If I pay to play at least would like to be treated fairly, therefore will not buy gems anymore…

This is known bug.


Last time I seen it happen, fg shelled out 10$ worth of gems to each of the players affected.

id call that fair.


as for whatever happened to you. idk file a support ticket before your machine gun. might pay off for ya

the big very sorry is the ticket resolution :slightly_frowning_face:

this is why I posted the note above…

any disruption to there servers during war resets the war map


(hint hint hackers)

The screenshot is very interested. No? How possible that? And the answer: “we will not provide compensation.”


Please referance: ‘Sept 22 update resets war map’ thread


see how this happened before and what flare did about it.


i say they comp you guys too or we tear this whole game down

Thx a bunch… Shall try to locate the thread. Thx u for the support :grinning: