Hey players of RORAL REVOLT 2. Is this good service!!!

I purchased a gem package, Shortly afterwards my game would not load. 3 1/2 weeks later it gets restored. Flaregames are refusing to give me the gold and gems lost due to this. Basically sticking 2 fingers up at me. Surely if you buy something faulty it gets replaced or a refund is given!!! or am I just an idiot.VERY POOR PR

Personally I think it’s your own fault for investing money into a company that is small and seems always rushed off it’s feet. They’re not going to get everything right. If you feel you have been robbed, Email 500 lawyers, 1 might respond and advise you. or go to  have a read, see if there is anything there for you.

Flare DOES NOT offer a nice support service about this kind of things. There have been lots of reports from other users saying that when they send the report in order to see how flare could possibly help them they just got an automatic email and that’s all. It happens three months ago with one of my friends he send the request and all he has till this very moment is just an email that says “we are on it” also in facebook there are a lot of comments where people complain bout this, but unfortunately for those guys flare can’t read all those comments…

Flare have THE BEST coustemer service!!!

they help me not one time at list 4 times when i needed.

Do u have a recip that u bought the package?

Excuse me…if so…why don’t you leave the game and play a game with a customer service that answer to you in a day and refund everything you want? Man, only to know…I’d do so if I had have your problems… :grinning:

Though, facebook comments and this forum are no official support channels.

@BOSH!: Thus, contacting the support instead of posting tons of angry comments here might the better option…


Might feel bad not to get quick and satisfying response everytime, but after all, raging doesn’t help at all.


Plus, uninstalling a game without login system is just a “failsafe” way to lose your account. Doing that several times before trying alternatives doesn’t speed up anything either and is not just Flare’s fault exclusively (they didn’t uninstall the app on your device, did they?). Still, you’re complaining immediately and constantly and ignore the fact you’re not the only one that needs or wants support and that the support team basically isn’t just idling all day long just to wait for exactly you to have problems, but actually are working all day long to help people and fix stuff.


Moreover, you open several topics, write all CAPSLOCK AND EXCLAMAT!ON MARKS!!! and/or flame around in most of your posts… and even your name is all capslock and exclamation mark. For me personally, that doesn’t actually make me want to help you more, but rather less than all those other guys out there that politely ask for help.

Its been 3 days i sent them a ticket… Till now no response…

You got response from them???


I requested an account switch between platforms and haven’t heard from them for 2 weeks lol

No its been 5 days

It’s been almost 30 days open occurrence in support and was not granted. I posted on the topic of 100% of the dungeon and you want some head of a return if only to call for calm. And as the whole place, who pays has the right to complain and demand answers.


What gems did you lose because of this? If you could not play for 3 weeks you don’t lose any gems during that time at all? Gold, yes sadly you will lose a small amount of gold while your account is inactive but 1 or 2 raids should get you all the gold you had back unless you had a gold shield before the crash/errors. If the error is on their end they are pretty damn good about giving gems.


Again the error would need to be on their end otherwise it could easily be exploited and would clog up the support system with people trying to say they lost gems due to an issue that was your fault. Like say you forgot to log into the game or you don’t have internet access for 1 days and your gold shield runs out. THAT is not a compensation issue at all. What windows users are facing should be a compensation issue as the servers are down/glitching/not working and it is not your fault as a player.   It does take some time though and make sure you fill out as much informaton about the situation as possible and being polite helps. 


You do have to send in a support ticket, like the other mod stated that is the only offical way to contact support. They are pretty darn good about giving support for errors of their fault. Like say you didn’t get the gems you wont in a tournament for some server issues or error. You will get that restored as soon as they can verify the situation. Accidents like clicking fishing an upgrade with gems when you didnt mean to they do not restore as there is no way to prove that it wasn’t intentional and there would be a lot of ways to exploit that situation. Also please give them as detailed informatioon as you possibly can about the situation so they can help it. Emails like


 "dddddddude i fing lost 34224 gems cayse yours server fkih up., I want my gems King basgdsagkd " Wont get attention and will be ignored

Ign: Hoang nÆ° thanh nhung

I have about 1,000 gems in the task. But now I’m only 200 gem. Please return it to me. Thank you!

We talked about this issue in private and I don’t see why you deemed it necessary to open a public thread about it.


You received no compensation because you outright refused to contact our customer care about the issue.


If you would have gone through the proper channels, you would have gotten your account back earlier.


This is all we will say regarding the matter.

I do not know you sent me into the mailbox to ask him to speak clearly . thank you !

Hi jona,

I have received support gems that were sent back. But I still lack 2000 gems in mission. Ign " hoang nÆ° thanh nhung"

Thank you!

Hung, your best option for attempting recoup any gems you think you’re still missing is to go through the support ticket system.  Or if you received an email from Flare letting you know you received gems, try responding to that (unless they say "do not reply to this email).  There are probably hundreds of requests for gem compensation here and Jona can’t possibly begin to address them from the forum.


Good Luck!

I do not get any emails first. I pointed to the game and was surprised to see the first part of his lost gems are back. But they are not enough in comparison with some gems I missed. Thank you for your interest!