customer service

Finally you must admit that you are weak customer service . 
You cannot re- account you have it . not answer and no solution for more than two months . Thank you for your ignore . 
Any way I decided to leave the game because of poor service and, unfortunately, and if it continues in that case you will lose a lot of your customers

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Hello diaaabaza,

From what I am aware of, the customer service already answered you multiple times :grinning:

Realy ?!!! 

And what happened ??


No solution. I lose my account 3days ago and no one reply

Some one stole my account 2 months ago and every day he sell hero item and use all me gams i get it. And your customer have nothing to do.

Do you think that ill do new account and start from level 1 !!!


Bro, you have to keep replying their mails, they can do nothing if you only tell them your problem, they usually ask for more info. 

Also, if you lost your account 3 days ago, don’t expect to have it back right now as Flare doesn’t work on weekends, your ticket must be waiting in line.