Customer support !!!!!!!!

Flaregames used to have the best qualified support i have ever seen , always precise, helpful and very fast in helping their customers.

me alone had submitted many tickets regarding technical problems or requesting help, but not one is answering, their only response , sorry we are having so much pressure and so many submitted tickets.

guess what flaregames, if you made your customers happy and satisfied and fixed the the technical bugs quickly, there will be so  less tickets and satisfied customers. as well  as an increase in your sales as well.

always put in your mind that a happy customer is a loyal customer.

right now more than 90% of your customers are not happy with your services, i hope you are proud with your achievement 

I know you’re mad at Flare, but making numbers up won’t help. With the release on 2.0, I’m pretty sure they are extremly busy hunting bugs.