Customize the apperance of mouse cursor

Would you please allow us to customize the apperance of mouse cursor including shape, color, size? Because I play RR2 with my PC and I always find it’s hard to identify where my mouse cursor is when I need to exert spells because the fighting scene is totally a mess.

Whoa! Look! I changed the size of my mouse cursor!

Screenshot (192).png

On a more serious note, while it is easy to lose track of the cursor, if you hold the left click on your mouse down all you have to do is move around the mouse (while holding the left click down) to move your hero. Use the 1,2,3 and 5,6,7 buttons on your keyboard to spawn troops and spells

I usually lose it too, after moving a beast to the troops, and then it’s hard to choose the right course. sometimes affected insta troops

Did you photoshop the pic above?

Yeah lol, I was just kidding 

As a PC user I too have this problem. A quick fix would be press “backspace”.

It will pause the game. Then you can relocate the mouse pointer.

Its helpful for me. cuz i am using touchpad

Many have asked this feature. Maybe when flare get those resources they may implement it. 

I think it’s on their long-term list. Answer from October Dev Q&A:

You can locate the cursor with the CTRL key option:



Hi there,

Something like this is already on backlog! Thanks for bringing it up.