Customize the Look of Towers: Colors or Flags

I want to be able to customize the looks of towers with either colors or flags or something…

The reason is with being able to upgrade stats some towers I’m upgrading in different directions.  And when re-arranging them on my map I always have to open the stats and look at them.  So see if one is say the extra hit points or one is the extra range for shooting across lanes.

Obviously another possible solution is allow us to see the stats on the tower without clicking into them.

Stats without clicking sounds weird. Flag or color is a better idea.

its not possible sorry for one and only one reason :

Color allow us to know what level are Tower when we raid. That allow us to know if we need huge improve or just 1 level more in spells when we raid someone

If people don’t know :

Level 1 and 2 : Tower is White

Level 3 and 4 : Light Grey

Level 5 and 6 : Dark Grey

Level 7+ : Black

if you change the color of Tower you remove a huge hints if you are strong or far when you raid someone

For me I disagree with that idea

and to be honest I don’t want see when I raid someone a Firebolt Tower Green,White and Yellow lol or a Bomb Tower Red,Purple and Black or Tower with weird color

For me if you allow change color that give the impression you play another game




Instead what it could be nice to give to the tower is to change the decorative stitches parts of the tower for example we know that the skull tower has some brown part which characterize the overall structure of the tower. What this “colorize tower feature” could do on this skull tower? simple it will change this brown color in a gold color and then you start to feel a god because you think you are rich lol 

Thank you Opelle!

Said what I was going to say now I don’t have to type. 

The ONLY color that changes on the towers is the stone texture. 

There could be colored areas (or flags) on the towers much like the colors on most units that change either red or blue on the attack or defense.