cut and paste ... in alliance chat

This would make things so much easier…

Sharing a video link of a recorded fight.

sharing other bits of info easily.

It doesn’t even need to be hyperlinks just the text that can be copied and pasted into browser

So it can be a simple option without a complex editor display mode.

It would help in other areas like alliances with different character sets so copy and paste that

Like 2 Chinese alliances in war how do you clearly say which one when you cannot type the characters?

@Madlen Gosh that was quick service :grinning:


Now, I can copy the text into Google Translate and know, what my alliance members are speaking… Hehe… Love you Developers… You all did a great job by adding this feature. If the inGame translate feature works even for mid level alliances, it would be better.

You know this would work too lol.

Well you are all so important to us we rushed it through (cheeky devil)