Cyclop islands are worth 3 trophies


I hope that this is a bug remaining from the last patch, all islands are rewarding me with 3 trophies, which is strange compared to the previous monster reefs. Not sure if it’s only me?

Hello Aeryth,

This is not a bug, the monster islands have their own trophy value, like a normal player.

If you are higher than that, you will not win so many trophies when fighting on this island.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions :slight_smile:

I just unlocked them at lvl 43. Shouldn’t I get slightly more than that? They’re still higher

Hello Aeryth,

Even if the level of the Island is higher than your own, your trophy value is currently higher than the trophy value of the island, this is why you don’t earn so many trophies when fighting on it.

Hey Aether.

What’s the value of the Hydra islands then please? I’m level 61 they’re around 10 levels higher. I’m 2800 cups and I’m only getting 3 cups for them too.

Hey there,

The Hydra levels are currently around 2k trophies. Thanks for the feedback as to the trophy amounts you’re winning from them, always appreciated, we’ll revise whether something there should be improved or not.

This whole trophy system is a joke. I’m lvl 42 and had >2400 trophies. Now I’m getting 3 thropies maximum against much higher opponents (lvl 50+). And that only because they have around 1400 trophis!?
At the moment, I’m falling in thophies, because I lose that much against such higher lvl opponents that have less throphies.

And I’m getting only hinger lvl opponents…

Matchmaking and Trophy-system = FAIL!


Hey PanicMind,

What you’re asking is to be able to win more trophies against this player because they have a higher level, even though they have over 1,000 trophies less than you.

Over the weekend, a lot of high level players lost a lot of trophies, and currently have less than they should, that’s possibly why this player is so low in trophies (though they may just have a weak defense).

The reason they lost so many trophies over the weekend and the entire leaderboard became heavily broken (and low level players went to the top of the table), is precisely because over that weekend, people were able to win more trophies against higher level players, despite them having over 1,000 less trophies.

With regards to matchmaking, as you look at islands further and further from Mount Olympus, the difficulty of winning these islands increases, to justify the reward. On some of these islands you can be matched with players higher than 8 levels above you. However, this does not mean they are impossible to beat, just very difficult.

We will change matchmaking to allow attacking of lower level players, but you should be aware that just because a player has 8 levels more than you, does not mean you cannot beat them, even without Gems.

In this example, the player is using Medusa the most in their defense, followed by Minotaur and Warriors.

The best units to use against these three are Medusas. Medusa cannot be petrified, so it counters the Medusas in defense. They also petrify minotaurs, who are very quick to die when petrified, but cause a lot of damage. Finally, Medusas deal Poison damage, and will therefore do massive damage against Warriors (whose weakness is poison). In addition, petrifying warriors stops them using their shield ability.

Next, take a look at the obstacle setup. There are a lot of Artemis and Poseidon towers and barricades. Take a fire Power, which will plow through those towers and barricades with absolute ease, as they are all weak against fire. Prometheus would destroy them in seconds.

Finally, because they have a lot of Medusas, your Warriors will be destroyed very very quickly. The Trebuchet is, however, a good pick, as it cannot be petrified.

Tactical setups are much more important in Olympus Rising than in many other games of this type. It’s really worth taking a moment to check out which troops you’re taking, and not just level up one specific troop to use all the time.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

Yes, I’m asking for more throphies against such stronger opponents, or having opponents at nearly the same lvl as I am. Why shouldn’t I get a reward for winning against such a high lvl opponent? He is that much stronger as I am. Have a look on his defense…  When the matchmaking would work fine, I would get some opponents on my own lvl. And there I would understand, that I get only 1-3 throphies against someone with low trophies. But this lvl 50 for 3 throphies is a joke and totaly unfair.

And having only such higher lvl opponents makes no sense. I have no chance to get my throphies back. Last night I lost over 100 throphies and had no chance to get them back.

You really try to explain, how I should attack this opponent? I did no setup against this player for the screenshot. I only selected the opponent for showing.
I have nearly all islends cleaned up and I allready won against the lvl 50 from the screenshot. It’s still not fair to have only such high lvl opponents (without getting realy rewarded for a win) and getting only slow new opponents. And the new ones have again higher lvl.

Same here. I don’t agree that the nearer the opponents are to mount Olymp the easier they are. I now have one just one island away from Olymp who is 8 levels and 400 trophies ahead of me with all boosted. If I take that island (don’t know how I shold manage this) it would only produce 13k gold. That’s really crazy.