Daily and Weekly Quests

I think there should be daily and weekly quests to avoid repetition we all do like attacking players for whatever reason.

> Daily Quests could give certain amount of gold/medals/purple germs.
> Weekly quests could give red gems (not many since it is a premium currency), and gold/purple gems/medals/chest.

I agree flare needs to do something to keep players engaged, a daily quest would be nice,  or maybe an option where one alliance can challenge another alliance, for example a 2 day war, for the period between ninja event and war which is particularly boring. 

So basically this 


Obviously gold would need to be protected like in war,  and their would need to be some incentive to make it worth while for players. 

I gave a suggestion like @QuantumApocalypse a while back, where alliances can attack others (like in a war) but the alliance that wins (loots most gold or something) will gets gems for all the players!

Suggested so many time. Player like me or others like QuantumApocalypse and Awesomeknightest have suggestion this kind of stuffs. 1 Month ago I think I have suggest to change the raid and put more RPG stuffs like enemy troops and Beast give X % drop. Depending of the difficulty. the % drop can change. So enemy troops can drop items,gold,uber items,etc…

We have suggested too like your idea daily quest and weekend quest. I don’t remember what exactly but we got the same thing. Like beat a boss in coop or something else. i have do in the past maybe like 10 month ago a topic about all suggestion we want.

Your idea and the fact you repeat what we have suggest since maybe 1 year prove that something we want. So Flare should check this topic