Daily chest challenge!

I would like to suggest a modification to the daily rewards chest. The chest could be a challenge chest, so if someone was able to accomplish the challenge, they could increase their chest tier to the next level for that day. So if the daily chest is green, they could increase the chest to blue by completing the challenge. For the titan chest days, the challenge could be more difficult and could increase the odds for collecting a unique or guarantee at least a five star titan item. Some ideas for challenges: conquering 10 islands with specific heroes, spend 1000 ambrosia, use a certain power 50 times. This would promote daily gameplay, rather than just logging in to collect the chests.

Idea is good but we already have cursed chest for which we have to play and fulfill requirements to open those chests.

You wouldn’t have to, you can just get the normal chest

I’m not talking about the titan rewards, I’m taking specifically about the daily gifts chest. The curse would instead be an optional challenge. You could collect the chest without completing the challenge, but doing so would not increase chest value.

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A good suggestion; we are currently in the late stages of planning for a daily quest system which will do the same job in a similar, but hopefully more engaging and fun way.

Closing to free up votes.