Daily chest

The daily chest for today should have been the uber pal chest (28th). However it skipped straight to the new month.

Wtf happened 

Most likely you missed a few days of collecting your daily chest last 4 weeks.

Hello @ShiroKo

I’am agree with Stay0Puft. You must have forgotten to collect many daily chest during the current calendar. If you missed one day, the last chests of the calendar can’t be recover, and a new calendar starts.

They should change their daily hests at all. The first week is a catastrophe - We need 500 pearls, 15 kk gold, thousands of jewels … And seeing a box with 5 pearls, an item for 8 pearls and 30k gold - he even wants to pick up.

Happened to me too. I have never missed a chest, but it once skipped the last chest to start the new calendar, which means that I got a common chest instead of the uber. Happened to me a couple months ago

I Never missed a Single day. That’s the point.

I collected my 27th chest the day before yesterday and today I Wanted to connect my last pal über chest and it was gone.

happen to me on my ipad. Was close to collect Uber chest and the daily rewards have restart from beginning. I have lose a Uber and a Uber Pal Chest. Probably a bug somewhere

Hope version 4.0 will offer a fix about this bug. I got it again few days ago. I have lost twice in a row the Uber Pal Chest. 2 month straight.When the daily reach Day 27 the game skip day 28 and give you Day 1 chest. I really hope I don’t have lost something like Aska pal or something else like Fritz. This bug is a little frustrating. Plus the fact you lose Pal treats maybe around 500-1k

Happened to me before as well, to be honest, I missed one day, but that still doesn’t explain the other 6 missing days, which are still vital!

That is funny I have missed days and been allowed to collect the previous and current day? Go figure it is RR2 at its best.