Daily donation 24h countdown

Is there any reason why daily donation is made with 24h countdown? It is one of the most annoying thing in this game. You can not always be online to wait when countdown will finish. So each time you shifting it more and more. It lead that sooner or later you will miss one donation and then it will start all over. Why not make it once per 24h? There is features with implemented such option, like daily chest and it works perfectly. Why not the same with donation? 

Or maybe there was thread for this issue before and developers already answered?

a 23h countdown would be great in fact ?

it should be what it says it is, a daily donation and not like now, next possible donation over 24 hours. On a new day (Midnight CET for example as decider when a new day starts), a new donation should be possible.


its not really the solution that missing. We have give huge number of them over years. Flare have decided to ignore them. Long time we have said give us a daily donation like daily reward chest or a 23 hour cooldown who give 1 hour to collect it. Maybe a auto offline donation feature of course in settings with a ON/OFF because its maybe not everyone who like this.And many more… its not the solution who miss here.

We have it on our feature roadmap to be able to donate once per day, no matter what time. It is in the backlog though and at the moment I cannot give an estimate of when it will be implemented into the game.

And I am moving this to ideas & feature requests :slight_smile:

Well thanks for at least considering it.


It would work just like the daily chest. 

If someone wants to donate again, it would cost 100 gems.