Daily Donation bug Android

I logged in today on my smartphone and tried to do my daily donation.

The problem was that the game kept disconnecting, each time I tried to donate. For about 3 times (until I stopped trying)

Then, I logged in on my PC and was able to donate without any problem :slight_smile:

So this seems to be a bug confined to the Android (or smartphone?) version.

Device : Smartphone BQ Aquaris M5, on Android 6.0.1

I’m sorry for the low quality, but I had to record on 480p on my smartphone 

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Thanks for posting the issue. We have not yet noticed anything similar. Did you maybe happen to be online with your account on two devices at the same time? We will look into the issue.

No, I was only playing on my smartphone at the moment.

I always only play on one device at a time.

Thanks for the help.

Same issue here on Android, haven’t tried yet do donate on pc yet today.

I had no problem donating on pc, worked on first try.


Yup, just like it happened to me.

I’m experiencing the same bug in the Facebook canvas now.

But if I’m not mistaken, I have already donated today at the moment the new day started.
So it seems to allow me to donate a 2nd time on the same day, but then the app crashes when trying to do so.

I’m sorry, but I have to bump this.

The issue still occurs and it seems to be something like @Stay0Puft is mentioning.

This only happens to me after I donate at midnight (12AM) on PC and then on the next day…

I try to donate on android (yes, the button is flashing and available! :thinking: ), but the game keeps disconnecting me. As you can see on the video below:

In my opinion, this bug seems to be on the PC that didn’t mark the donation as “done”…
Or on Android, which isn’t checking for some unexpected exception… and thus blows up.

I hope this new info helps tracking the issue, thanks.

Hi ShadowsGuardian,

Sorry to hear that the issue is still occurring. Could you please check whether you have the same time and date settings on both of your devices? Because that could cause the issue.

Ok, I’ll give it a check and come back to you later Sasch.

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I got no screenshots but…

I checked yesterday and both my PC and Android show the same current time.

The only thing that crosses my mind, is perhaps that Portugal is now on DST (Daylight Saving Time), so the clock went forward +1 hour on 31 March:

Is there any chance you guys are not taking this into account on Android?