Daily Festival Chest Bug


I have a bug with “Daily Festival Chest” when I opened the chest I start getting my rewards then I got a hammer weapon called “Shaper Of Might” but due to no more free slot I went to blacksmith to meltdown items to free up space and then that weapon gone ><


  • Device of the affected player : Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE
  • Operating system of the affected player : Windows 10 Mobile
  • Steps to reproduce the problem : Opened “Daily Festival Chest” without take weapon item reward then go to blacksmith and meltdown some items and I also went to “Daily Rewards” clicked on the bottom right button to get reward and watched the Ad then got this and tried to return to “Daily Festival Chest” screen but not more box to see and to get that weapon ?‍♂️
  • Frequency (How often does the bug occur?) : Happened once
  • For how long has the bug been occuring? : Now (  A few minutes ago from this post)


No reply ? :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello SolidSnake (hi fellow Metal-gear-Fan), I will ask our testers to get back to you. Thank you!

Hey SolidSnake,

First of all, thanks for your very detailed description. :grinning:

When a player’s session runs out (e. g. after being offline for a while), the content of chests gets auto-collected. Unfortunately, if the player has no open space in their inventory for another item, like in your case, the item can get lost. Therefore it’s important to collect the item as quick as possible.



Thanks for reply, well that’s sad I didn’t know that this will happen and I hope there is a better way to deal with this issue in future ?