Daily Gem

why I should click more than 10 time to get 1 gem my finger is paining  at least u can give 10 gems  . stop this click bait 


I was also thinking about it, one day maybe this 1 diamond was a lot … although 5x30-150 is still nothing …

You get that gem on a daily basis for just clicking a few times, so what is the problem? If you don’t want that gem, then just don’t click there. 

It’s a free gift, but please don’t start to get greedy by asking more gems, that’s just not done. When flare would remove this, I think a lot of players will complain. So just leave it like it is right now.

when they give me a gift, I do not ask “why so little”?

education should be basic in order to understand

Добрый день! Да бриллиантов дают мало и накомхпить невозможно как бы не пытатся! А можно вопрос что домик один единственный типо секретный больше нет секретов в игре? Если есть поделитесь пожалуйста. … :slight_smile:

Yes but this not real life and it is not gift good game means good balance, the best way to spend 1 gem in granny shop ?

Same question why i had click so many time’s just for get 1 gem  u don’t understand logic,  game balance do u know when started this their many many  achievements in gems but they removed and convert to voucher ?, peoples still make fake account just to get vouchers and uber chest good news now uber items also useless now pro tems ? what next legendary pro items lol

Nobody forces you to click to get that gem. If it’s to much for you to click it, then just don’t. But you want that gem, even worse, you want a gem per click. Wake up and get to reality, flare is a business and can’t give away everything for free. You should see other games, in some games you have to click a dozen times for not even getting a reward, but to remove some danger. Talking about getting RSI from it.

I play this game for more than 4 years now, you don’t have to remind me what sneaky tricks flare did all the time. You can think you are funny with laughing emoji, but in fact you are the opposite, acting like a wiseguy?. 

Oh yes, I still know the time before boosts, without only protection of gold the three shields, the 1, 3 and 7 day shield. Those were only ways to protect gold, when you left some behind, it could be gone in one raid. There were no monsters, alliances, boosts and so on. And only the items till legendary.

Then the alliances, boosts and war season, in April 2015. Some later the dungeons where a lot of gems could be gained. The quests and some dungeon rewards were replaced by vouchers indeed, a dirty trick. Glad I completed those dungeons before they changed it. It was worse for players who did not collect the rewards yet, their rewards were also converted and it created an angry mob.

I would not be surprised if we soon get even better rewards than pro gear, but honestly I don’t think so. Honest players donpt use multiple accounts and need to spend gems for participation pro league. If there is an improved item type introduced, it will be a version not for free.  

For vouchers you really don’t need fake accounts, you just need to know where to enter your friend codes. At the moment I have 19 voucher friends, just a month ago I bought 1500 gems, did buy a worker last community week and now I have again 4.6k+ vouchers. Since it’s system is fixed, it rains vouchers. Will store thm now for awhile to get the 2k gems reward

Well i didn’t read all but i read few lines my question about clicks, i feel something wrong way u were treated