Daily Gems in game offer

being new to the game, I see offered something called the Daily Gems chest.

If I am reading it correctly it says 200 gems; then underneath it says 1,500 x 30

and under that it says 1,700 gems (says it is the best offer in game)

to me it sounds like they are offering me 1,700 gems each day for a month

(that is a good deal) however I have been told that is not what you get.

please if you have bought this or know someone give me some advice. ty

here is a screen shot of what I am talking about 

1700 gems each day no way !

It is clearly written as daily gem chest. U will get a chest for 30 days which makes 1500 gems but roughly u will get 1800 from that for a month and yeah as written 200 gems instantly u will get…

So for a month it makes 2000 and yeah it’s way cheaper than regular gem packages

for $3.99 Canadian I am going to give it a go because it is not too too expensive, ty for replying 


By the end of the month, this daily gem pack will give you around 1900-2100 gems (depending on luck).

This really is the best gem deal in the game, by far and it’s very useful.

If you’re new to the game, really consider buying the daily gem pack every month. It’ll greatly improve your account’s evolution.

Save as many gems as possible so you can buy blacksmith slots during Blacksmith Events (30% off) and improving your Alliance Tower during Alliance Party events (also 30% off).

Dont play via facebook gameroom cause game is slow. download game from windows store, its performance is 10000% better than gameroom :slight_smile: of course if you can install it assuming its your personal computer :wink:


ok bigfastfox  I downloaded this windows version but it looks like it wants to start me at the very beginning,

I have almost reached lvl 40 and am starting the ninja event. Not sure if I want to start all over again in the middle of an event.

also not sure I want to start over, had I known the windows version might be better, i would have gone that way, ty for advice anyhow 

Just connect it with Facebook and over write it with Facebook save game and you will be good to go ?

ty ty ty ty! bigfastfox, the screen is bigger, the sound better, no pull from my mouse, I really did not think I would notice a difference but you can.

so again, TY! TY! TY!