Daily Gifts

can’t get my daily gifts after the new update , does anyone has the same satuation?

like this, still can’t get

@oisia   @CaptainMorgan   @flaretara    summon GM, please help me , thx

I have the same issue

Same issue here too. Restarted the game had no effect. 

so many bugs after update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the frustration. We have found the cause of this issue and will be fixing it today.

@Spookz @tourtour

This should now be working for you again.

ok, thx  :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.

IGN: Krösuslexus


thanks for help, now it works!

I thought this has already been fixed last tuesday… but im still getting the same problem… ???

Same happened to me today… Please fix it as soon as possible 

It’s a bit annoying but try again a few hours later, and it should be fixed.

Hey @MoonlightWolf, can you tell me the name of the account this is happening on?

Hey @Chris … Its fixed… It happened in the new account with level 44.  But all good now… ? thank you!!! ???

I’ve got the same issue for daily gift, please fix.

My account name is tsuishui

Hey @Chris… Good day!! Unfortunately the same is happening in my first account. Account name:


Attached is the screenshot. Hope you check.  Thanks!!!

@tsuishui @MoonlightWolf this will fix itself in a few hours.

We will also implement a fix to prevent it happening in the near future.

Thank you!! Already fixed… Appreciate it!! ???

@CaptainMorgan For some reason, I just had the same problem. It started yesterday. I think it started after I bought the daily gem pack. Please fix.  Thanks