Daily Gifts

And I cannot even collect my daily gems!!! 

@Caleb the calendar page should soon change to the next day by itself, we checked your account and as yet you have not missed out on a day. The page may change at an unexpected time for you, as it depends a little on your time zone.

Please let me know if you still have this problem tomorrow.

We will soon implement a timer to the next chest so that players will be able to see how long they must wait.

It’s fixed now. I might have been a little too impatient. Nevertheless, I was a bit worried when it happened.


The same issue happened again after a month, please fix

I need help too.

I don’t want to miss my the daily chest and the daily gem chest.

Username: ìdLeHands

The issue persists! Pls check

User viet.vu1125

Same problem occured to me today too. Any fix or something?


happened to me again. i thought you guys fixed it from happening again?

same problem. can’t buy daily gem chest, ??

after update. user dhanyxpbr

Здравствуйте. Что делать?


@Dez123, this set of chests updates monthly at 0:00 UTC+0 (like 5 minutes ago  )

Happened to me just right now. How many hours do I need to wait?


Are you serious???After 2 years i still get the same problem…