Daily Log in Reward Improvement

Dear Flaregames Team,

how about 2 imrove the daily log in reward system? I mean u get after 15 days “1 Uber chest” and after “30 days” one Pal Chest.
How about if u get a “pro chest” after 30 days log in?

For example in this 30 days log in period system : at least 2 Uber chests 2 pal chests and 1 pro chest.

Thank you.

Yeah, we need better Daily rewards for the first two weeks, mainly. I don’t mind waiting a whole month for a Pal Chest, but having a Pro Chest at the end would be superb

Of course for the first one week. We don’t care about the black and green chest.Seriously who offer 1k gold and 2 pearls. Give us Blue and Epic in first week. Epic and Legendary in 2nd week. Legendary,Uber Chest,Uber Pal in 3rd week and Final week can be 1 Golden Uber chest. 1 Uber Chest, 1 Uber Pal Chest and legendary

this will make people be online more often and play more

they should just increase all rewards from chest example 50% more coins 50% more gems 50 % more pearls and item with a 50% higher costs in pearls and gold

That was a good one.


Or we could get flare to count his many months we have played and give us better rewards for however many months we have played.

I was hoping we would get daily quest with the upgrade?  Or at the very minimum some new quest?

The quest menu has added nothing new since the beginning.

Actually the only change was it lowered the rewards. I remember way back when you got gems for most of the quest. 

Now you get vouchers? Woo hoo

All my saved vouchers went for food while the videos didn’t work.

NEW QUEST, OR DAILY QUEST. would be a fun addition.

Yes, @Kuska, I’d love to have Daily Quests. It’d give players something to do other than events and donating to the alliance

for now I just ask to fix the bugs in Daily Rewards at least just that can be interesting. I hate to lose my Uber Pal chest when Day 28 arrive. I will see if this bug is fix when I reach day 28