daily login bonus

has this idea been long forgotten? it has been mentioned numerous times and would be something for all players to look forward too


I don’t think this topic has ever got its own thread. well its about damn time :grinning:

No it’s not been forgotten, the fact is that they are working continuosly on fix other things more important than this so they put this idea like other ideas in 2° position, so don’t worry, will come the time also for this implement  :grinning:

Yes yes yes yes. I would very much like a daily login bonus. Easy to implement, and even if it was only a handful of gems a pop it would be amazing for players without ‘breaking the bank’ for Flare. Honestly, as many ‘fixes’ that need to be addressed right now, I still put this at the top of my list of nice things to have.


Let them mess it up too, and make it some cruddy gold reward or something…  “Hey! You logged in 10 days in a row, here’s your 10k daily gold!”


Heads would roll

honestly I wud be ok if it was gold not gems

I dont think this is needed since tournaments is our reward since the more you play the better reward you get

Well concerning gold, this would have to be level- (or progress-) dependant to be any useful… I mean, at beginner level, even 10-20k daily gold are a lot, but high up where upgrades cost like 5m or so, 10k is quite nothing at all, making it basically useless. And yeah, daily reward should definitely not be the thing that pays your upgrade costs, but you know, at high lvl 10k a day is really nothing at all… 4 times new opponent in match making aaand it’s gone.


Gems or pearls, on the other hand, are always welcome (and also can’t just be plundered by attackers), even if it are just a few. Even bread might be ok (if it is level dependant and enough for 1 or 2 attacks or so). But gold? Not a fan of that…

DOOD! I almost forgot about the precious food. that wud be an AWESOME bonus

Exactly. If they make it level dependent, it might be alright. Still, it would be nice to see something soon.

I think daily login bonuses would be good for the next update