Daily player - chill but wrecks


I picked up this game a few weeks back - crushing it so far. I’ve randomly joined guides with a bunch if kids just kicking people and it wasn’t fun. Looking for a chill yet competive guild to grow with. 

I started my own guild, but gosh, it’s slow going and no easy way to recruit. Looking to be part of something bigger now.

hit me up.




Trophies, donate, player lvl and full IGN?

Howdy, Howdy! As @Maestro said, we need your IGN and player level. Critical to recruiting players. If you’re strong enough and have good daily donations, Alpha Guard is an awesome alliance!

Try the alliance Running with swords, it is run by a friend of mine named ThomasMaxxReborn, solid lvl37 alliance, Thomas started the game 6 months ago and is a lvl 83 now

Hello Howdy, The Cause is looking for active players who help fight in the wars and ninja events as well as donate regularly. We’re very close to getting our defensive beast and are in the process of rebuilding a once-great team.  We are committed to our alliance and will help with insta-troops as well as regular boosts. look me up, King Thunderbolt4. We’d be happy to have you!  We’re pretty laid back and like to have fun!


M.M.A-k1 (the Italian one) is always open for active players, if they’re not fazed by abundance of Italian speakers (there’s english too, and spanish, and french). :slight_smile:

@Faye Doherty LOL

@JiggleFizziks,  Faye Doherty’s IGN is fazd, it’s off topic but I just saw it and thought it was funny

Oh, okay then. Haha, I guess.