Daily Player with 52 Ascension Level looking for new active alliance.

I’m currently in an aliance, but it’s not active. I play daily, and I’m excited to try out going to WAR. I don’t spend real money to get diamonds, however, I do donate fake money to the Alliance. I will participate in chat and strategerizing. I speak only english, and I’m looking for a chill, drama-free alliance to play with. 


Thank you for your time.


I have played this game for several months. Every upgrade has been designed to increase the $ required to play. I’m tired of the never ending money grab. As soon as I use up my existing gems I’m gone. This last upgrade, money grab, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

hello mate i see you need alliance. I played this game with passion but while i was playef there wasnt any forum for recruit so it very hard to find players thats why i left but im back. Im a dedicated leader which daily active and made my alliance top on many games. If you interested join chosen elites currently its lvl 6 and only has 1 person. I kicked all inactives for fresh players i hope you join