✦✦✦✦✦---Daily Quests---✦✦✦✦✦ (More Gems for F2P Players!!!)

✦✦✦✦✦—Daily Quests—✦✦✦✦✦

There seemed to be an idea about having more quests stated here: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/8166-how-about-new-quests-for-top-level-players/

EDIT: Similar ideas here too, please take a look at it! http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/26110-new-ideas-to-make-rr2-more-exciting/


…and it seems to be a really good idea. Here are the benefits of the daily quests for players :

  • Helps beginners get started
  • Helps free-2-play players (a little)
  • Gives incentive for players to play a little daily (as some says that the game gets boring when upgrades reaches days to complete)
  • Less boredom (similar to above)
  • Spice up the quest section :wink:

Benefits to Flaregames (Awesome creator of RR2): (Copied)

  • Users will be motivated to  spend gems  for the rewards (Maybe like a random legendary item or chest)
  • Users will become  more active  --> Making the game’s standard higher -->  More gems spent  for players to compete
  • Users will be rewarded more, and this help players to  get started and like the game  (More rewards = Less complaints too!  :grinning:  )
  • Show the  generous  (and listening) side of Flaregames   

Ideas/Suggestions for Daily Quests

Basic Suggestions:

  • Win against a player with XX lower trophies than you 
  • Win against a player with XX trophies higher than you
  • Donate in your alliance [Incentive to donate] (1 gem Reward)
  • Win XX raids
  • Melt XX items

… and many more countless possibilities! 

Ideas/Suggestions for Rewards

Basic Rewards:

  • Gold (Depending on your level and difficulty of quest)
  • Vouchers
  • Gems
  • Pearls
  • Food?

Higher Level / Special Rewards:

  • Additional Donation to Alliance (Donation Reset)
  • Random 1h Cooldown timer decrease (Maybe :slight_smile:  )

If you want the idea of having daily quests, vote in the poll and give a suggestion for a daily quest that you want so that it happens!

Cheers, and hoping to see daily quests soon in the game :slight_smile:


So, any ideas for daily quests? Suggestions for the rewards or the quests are greatly appreciated to change this dream of having daily quests into a reality!

What do you think about daily quests? Any downsides to it? Maybe there could be a time limit of a day to claim the quest rewards too, to prevent reward accumulation. :stuck_out_tongue:

No OR Yes?  (Please choose the RIGHT one) :wink:

Your rewards are way too low, they should have some significance. And they compete against “normal” raids, so they should be higher.

Gold: I can easily get 500k Gold from one raid (including gold boost items). 10k is nothing. Maybe 1 million?

Pearls: I can easily get 10-30 pearls from melting random CoF items. 1 or 10 pearls doesn’t do much. Maybe 100?

Gems: You get 1 gem for doing nothing in the leagues (daily). On average 5 to 10? Depends on your medal “income”. Maybe 10+ gems?

But: something i can’t get enough by other means are legendary items. So give these as rewards, maybe random epic or legendary ones.
The epics are melted instantly, “trash” legendary items, too. The useful legendary ones can then be forged …

Yeap, I agree that the rewards is low, maybe the rewards can be adjusted better to the player’s level like having a multiplier for the rewards . Having legendary items would be good, but that would be too generous of them to reward such treasure, :slight_smile:  unless the quest is tough to complete, then that would be fine.

At the same time, the rewards cannot be too high, 10 + gems maybe a little too high, so I am not sure, but of course I would want that! <3 

More gems are always good, even 1 or 2 gems could help in the alliance tower upgrades for beginners, and spare gems for scrolls. :slight_smile:

Keep the ideas and suggestions coming!

Why not like Royal Revolt 1. More you finish fast and more the reward its big?

Oh I was not aware of rewards in RR1, but a timed challenge sounds good to me!

There could be a mystery timed challenge that is random daily (although players can discuss it here), once you start the quest, you have limited amount of time to complete it. :slight_smile:  Not sure whether the reward should go down with time as the players might have to complete the quest fast using gems, and the rewards must be better for them to do so. Unless it may be skulls or vouchers that they cannot get directly from gems.

Or example: (Each quest have around 12 hours to be completed and is once a day ) [You can start the quest at the end of the day but end at the next day]

Quest: Spend 2500 food. (1 hour -> 20 gems , 4 hours -> 15 gems , 8 hours -> 12 gems , 12 hours -> 4 gems) and the quest requirement may vary depending on the user’s level. What do you think?

For me Daily Quest mean different challenge each day. When you play a game and there is daily quest depend if you take Aura Kingdom like exemple the daily quest is always the same, in each place there is a number of quest but its always the same

It would be fun if the Daily Quest can add something in this game to satisfy player who think this game becoming boring and don’t play much anymore.

Something like you said 12 hours or you have 20 hours I don’t know to complete the quest : the quest can be I don’t know let me think…

Monday : if you chose Easy Mode for level 1 to 30 you have 4 minutes to destroy a base design with 25 towers,10 waves and if you win you got : 200k Gold and 2 Gems (the rewards depend of the difficulty you chose). Medium Mode for level 30 to 60. You have 4 minutes to destroy 30 towers,15 waves. Hard Mode level 60 to 100 you have 5 minutes to destroy 40 towers and 20 waves and Insane Mode level 100 to 130. If you have all max you have 6 minutes to destroy 60 tower and 30 waves

Tuesday : Easy Mode you have 5 minutes for defeat 20 waves of units on a Battleground,Medium Mode 5 minutes 30 waves,Hard Mode 40 waves and Insane Mode 60 waves

Wednesday : Easy Mode you have 3 minutes to summon 1 Ice Dragon on a moderate base ( the quest give you Dragofroster War Boost) Medium Mode you have 3 minutes 10 to summon 2 Ice Dragon on a moderate base (the quest give you randow base design) Hard mode you have 3 minutes 20 to summon 2 Ice dragon on a hard base and Insane Mode you have 3 minute 30 to summon 3 Ice Dragon on a semi max base. The power of Dragofroster depend of your alliance level and your unit level like in a raid

and so on…

Alright, that would be a daily challenge instead, which brings the game to a whole new level, which might be hard to implement it, but I like the idea of having a different quest daily, and that would be nice. Maybe something to do with battling and spending different currencies.

Similar to your idea, but maybe this time it could be like: Defeat 10 Ogres , Destroy 5 Snake Towers  as the special daily quest, hopefully this could be implemented. :slight_smile:  The same set of quests daily would still be fine, treat it like a daily routine but with rewards, so why not? :stuck_out_tongue:  

So… Daily Quest + Daily Challenge (Different Daily) :wink:  Thoughts, ideas and suggestions?

Well, we should have daily quests at it will bring benefits to both the players and flaregames. :slight_smile:

Benefits to Flaregames (Awesome creator of RR2):

  • Users will be motivated to spend gems for the rewards (Maybe like a random legendary item or chest)
  • Users will become more active --> Making the game’s standard higher --> More gems spent for players to compete
  • Users will be rewarded more, and this help players to get started and like the game  (More rewards = Less complaints too! :grinning:  )
  • Show the generous (and listening) side of Flaregames  

For me, a daily quest of donating to the alliance to get a gem or two would be useful, as it really helps the alliance a lot, and maybe some spare gems to upgrade the alliance tower. Makes free-to-play players like me, as gems are really a need for everything, especially in the alliance tower upgrades, and would probably take a long time to save up gems for one level upgrade.

Players! Give the daily quests a little support, let your opinions be heard! Lets make RR2 more fun and rewarding too! :wink:

(Feel free to spam more benefits pls :slight_smile:  )

what about turning 1 of the houses into a dairy where we can buy a few loaves of bread for gold to make up the required amount needed for that final raid to get the last 2 300k needed for ya final upgrade?donation for the day. i think their used to be an option of buying those x amount of loaves for gems before but as not every one has gems and gold is easy ?? OK so the incentive for flare to make a $ here is nil im sure it wud be possible to have this perk if building and upgrading this option was the cash/gem cow. Im just puttin it out there and if ya  think the idea is rubbish , thats cool  ,if some one else likes and has the patience to fill in the detail… fire away 

Now that i read this, another reward comes to my mind: What about an extra “charge” of donating gold to the alliance?
So that you can donate twice a day if you want. Maybe realized as a simple timer reset of the waiting time to donate again,
that can be “collected” at a for you convenient time of the day? As not everyone is interested in donating to the alliance,
there could be some kind of “choice reward”, where you select one out of 3-5 rewards and pick what you want. That would
be a nice feature anyway :slight_smile:

Hmmm this may not be beneficial to flaregames, because players maybe be able to keep raiding for money to raid again and there would be no reason to refill the silo using gems anymore, ya? But this can be an idea for one of the daily quests, example:  Spend 1 Million gold, Reward = 200 Food  , again the values may change based on the user’s level, thanks for your suggestion! (Indirectly buying food with gold)

Not sure if this is what you mean, that one of the daily quest reward acts like a skip cooldown for all alliance donations? It takes about 100 gems to skip the cooldown, so for this to be a reward, the players would have to spend quite a lot of gems to earn that reward, unless the quest is like :  Spend 75 gems  , then it would be nice :slight_smile:  

I like the idea of having extra donations for the alliance, maybe we could work on quests that give a bit of alliance donations as a reward that are easy to earn. 

If players are rewarded for donating to the alliance , it may make them more interested , so I thought of gems as the most wanted rewards, but “choice rewards” sounds nice too if thats workable, thanks for the suggestions! (Maybe instead of a usual collect reward at the bottom of a completed quest, there could be two different rewards, depending on which you click on! Like 2 gems or 20 vouchers for example)

Lets just make daily quests be a feature before thinking about all the complicated stuff haha! :wink:  

After the update, it looks like you have more ways to spend gems. :stuck_out_tongue:  This means that it would only be fair if we have more ways to get gems, too. I sincerely hope daily quests would be implemented as they give incentive to play on a daily basis and rewards which are really useful to beginners and not paying players.

After all, everyone wants to have fun and enjoy the game, so why not make the game more enjoyable, and there will be more yays than nays and complaints. :slight_smile:  

Just a reminder again to have daily quests, I mean, it wouldn’t hurt a bit right? Makes it more fun too, more rewards, everyone will like it :slight_smile: Go with the same 1-3 stars quest ‘format’ and it will be fine… :wink: